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Engage and empower your entire workforce

Transform the way your enterprise works with the leading digital employee experience platform.

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Reach every worker anywhere from your front line to your HQ

Wired employees get too many communications, while deskless workers are disconnected.

The Solution

Deliver the right message to every employee on the endpoint or device they prefer to use—with the push of a button.

Align your people using automation

Employees can’t stay aligned and productive when it’s a hassle to get the information they need.

The Solution

Automatically target and deliver personalized content and simplified access to enterprise systems.

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Mobilize your workforce with the right intelligence

You need a coordinated effort from every worker for your business to be successful.

The Solution

Measure engagement and sentiment across your workforce and optimize to drive employee action.

Transforming the digital employee experience for companies like yours

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“Since switching to SocialChorus, we’ve seen an 8x increase in engagement across employees. Not only has it simplified where and how employees can consume information, but it’s also greatly simplified our reporting and analytics.”

Preston Smith

Director of Communications | Providence

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“With baby boomers exiting the workforce, and a huge audience of millennials and young talent entering the workforce, we just knew that it was time to think about a different way of communicating. Our intranet was outdated and not mobile optimized, and we saw that the SocialChorus platform would give us the unified communications we were looking for.”

Lindsey Sofia

Corporate Communications | Lincoln Financial Group

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“From the outset, FUEL, [our branded FirstUp platform], represented a gigantic leap forward in making broad-based communications and employee interactions more functional and more accessible. Moreover, as the new realities and challenges that we all know as the year 2020 unfolded, FUEL proved itself to be a terrific way for our company and employees to convey vital messages of safety, empathy and continued togetherness despite our newly distanced environment.”

Dan Tucker

Chief Financial Officer | Southern Company Gas

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SocialChorus is now Firstup!
New name, same commitment to connecting every worker, everywhere with the right information at the right time.
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