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Author: Greg Shove

video like a boss summary and final thoughts blog 792x479 1

Video Like a Boss: Summary and Final Thoughts

Whether you lead five people or five thousand, you probably have room for improvement in terms of connecting with your team. How to Video Like a Boss.

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Video Like a Boss: You’re ready, now what?

It’s finally time to run through your TWIN strategy and checklist and start shooting high-quality leader videos.

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vlab studio pro blog 792x479 1

Video Like a Boss: Studio Pro

Part of our Video Like a Boss series. Let’s break down the do’s and don’ts of your video production studio and get you shooting high-quality videos.

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vlab setting up studio blog 792x479 1

Video Like a Boss: Setting Up Your Studio

Here’s a video production equipment checklist for shooting quick, easy, and high-quality leadership videos for your corporate communications.

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How to Be On Camera Like a Boss

Video Like a Boss: Part 4. Now it’s time to get in front of the camera. This week, we break down the basics of talking to the camera, leaving you capable and confident in your ability to produce high quality, entertaining videos for your employees. Learn how to video like a boss from Greg Shove of SocialChorus.

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5 things i learned gig economy blog 792x479 1

5 Things I Learned From the Gig Economy

Last April, I started driving for Uber. I joined the over one million Americans who drive for a variety of reasons, from lack of full-time work to the independence of being self-employed with a gig economy app. Here’s what internal communicators and HR teams can learn from my experience with Uber’s app.

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twin the foolproof video plan blog792x479

TWIN: The Foolproof Video Plan

Video Like a Boss: Part 3. Here’s a simple storytelling template to cut the fat and efficiently communicate when you shoot leadership videos for townhall meetings, your employee app, internal communications, and more.

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shel holtz episode6 comms platforms global clarity blog

Video Like a Boss: Now, What Will I Say?

The “Dreaded Blank Page” may be the hardest part of your new journey into making videos like a boss. The trick is to not try to say it all. Brevity is bliss. Here’s our second article in our Video Like a Boss blog series

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how do we communicate in the age of distraction blog 792x479 1

How Do We Communicate in the Age of Distraction?

How does the way we live impact communication and how can you take control back with your workforce? Learn the tips & tricks you need.

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welcom gary nakamura blog

Welcoming Gary Nakamura & My New Role

With explosive growth in global customers & users, we’ve decided to strengthen our management team. Gary Nakamura joins Greg Shove to lead SocialChorus.

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