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The 5 things I ❤️ about All Things IC (@allthingsIC)

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Learn what makes All Things IC an authority in the internal communications space and why we respect and appreciate their views.
5 things learned about all things ic blog

There is so much noise today. Too much maybe. So many are shouting. Everybody wants to be seen as an expert. Often with little thoughtfulness. And this includes the world of internal communications.

But there are a few voices out there that rise above the fray. And one of those belongs to Rachel Miller. Last week, Rachel celebrated five years of All Things IC, which is both her internal comms consultancy business, but also amazing IC resource and job postings. And because she’s become such a friend and a gift to the world of IC, I thought I’d share the five things I love about Rachel.

1. Those hugs
The first time I met Rachel Miller was years ago at a Melcrum event in London. We knew each other through social media. So a handshake would have been a perfectly normal greeting. But not for Rachel. I was greeted with a hug. And this past year, I saw Rachel again, but this time at smilelondon. I saw her start to sneak in the room and got up to greet her. Big hug. A great hug. That’s Rachel.

2. Brexit
I woke up June 23, 2016, shocked to see the results from the Brexit vote. But that had to pale to what my friends in the UK experienced. I thought it would make a great ICology episode to talk about how companies and communicators would respond and I sent one email – to Rachel. She was out for a walk with her kids but said she’d record with me when she got back. And she did. It’s one of my favorite episodes. She shared her expert advice, but also shared her personal feelings about the surprising results.

3. Birthday video
And on my first birthday of ICology, Rachel was kind of enough to send a lovely video birthday message, but not just of her. . . her kids were in there too! Apparently they think it’s quite funny that she has a “real American friend” named Chuck. It made my day.

4. The blog
When communicators ask me where they should go to learn more about internal communications resources, I immediately refer them to The tools, advice and writing Rachel has accumulated is truly unrivaled. She preaches “working out loud” and readily shares her thoughtful advice. If you’re in internal communications and not following Rachel, you should reevaluate your priorities.

5. Gin and tonics
I visited London this past June and joined Rachel for dinner. It was great to meet outside of a conference and social networks. And on a rather hot London summer night, a gin and tonic seemed fitting. Rachel said she didn’t like gin. I didn’t buy her answer and I convinced her to try my favorite kind of gin (Hendricks). She ordered a second one.


So cheers to you Rachel.

Cheers to being a thoughtful expert.

Cheers to being a great industry friend.

And cheers to pants and pickles!

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Chuck Gose

Chuck Gose

I am a self-proclaimed Skyline Chili connoisseur and Duran Duran fan with nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, corporate communications, and internal communications. My passion and enthusiasm for the communications profession began early in my career at General Motors and Rolls-Royce, Since then, I have focused on weaving internal communications and technology in creative ways. I'm also the co-creator of The Periodic Table of Internal Communications and The Very Hungry Communicator. But most importantly, I got to fly in a blimp once.

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