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7 Reasons Why Your Intranet Isn’t For Internal Communications

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Let’s face it, most intranets are clunky, out-of-date technologically, or simply inaccessible to employees who don’t work at their desks. Here are 7 reasons why your intranet isn't built for internal communications.
7 reasons you shouldnt wait for intranet upgrade blog

For more than a decade, enterprises have relied on their intranets for employee communications. But let’s face it, intranets were not really built to provide timely information to workers. In fact, most intranets are clunky, out-of-date technologically, or simply inaccessible to employees who don’t work at their desks. Moreover, you’re always waiting years for that intranet upgrade.

If you’re still not convinced, here are seven reasons why your intranet isn’t for internal communications.

1. The right message at the right time and place

In today’s fast-paced world, information is coming from all corners. And employees demand relevant communications. Often intranets can’t surface pertinent content at the right time and when employees need it. For example, an office worker may have the time and patience to look for benefits information, while a worker in manufacturing can’t even access coverage info because she doesn’t have a computer.

So whether its new benefits or other company updates, in order to have meaningful adoption, communicators need to personalize and target the right information to workers wherever they are likely to access it.

2. Workers can’t find it

According to SocialChorus’ customer data, two-thirds of employees found information on their company mobile app faster and easier than other content sources, such as their intranets, emails, or even printed materials. Moreover, if they do locate the intranet, workers often can’t find the information they need without lots of searching.

3. Deskless and distributed workforce are left behind

About 80% of the global workforce, which includes retail workers, nurses, warehouse staff, and truck drivers is deskless. They may not be issued company emails or laptops, and they feel disconnected from company policies, procedures, and new information. Additionally, more and more workers are distributed. In 2016, 43% of Americans worked remotely some of the time in industries, such as manufacturing, technology, and healthcare.

Companies need to completely rethink training and other traditional management systems in order to support this growing workforce.

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4. Mobile works

Your employees are comfortable with mobile, with over 85% of millennials having their own smartphone. It’s convenient for most employees, and even deskless workers are easier to reach via mobile. Additionally, workers are three times more likely to interact with mobile communications than web-based.

If communicators want to meet employees where they are, then a mobile platform is a worthwhile investment.

5. Lack of efficiency

Your internal communications are dependent on complex workflows (emails, personalization, targeting, templates, scheduling, etc.) for your entire team, so automating these tasks would be a dream. Similar to marketing automation software, modern communication platforms can help reduce tedious and outdated processes. By sending communications from one place, communicators are able to move more quickly and focus on important tasks versus the mundane.

6. New features = increased costs

Intranet upgrades are an investment in time, money, and resources. Before investing, communicators need to thoroughly research (and talk to their IT departments) the benefits of the intranet versus newer modern communications platforms, which could actually connect intranet use via mobile notifications.

7. Intelligence

With employee engagement at an all-time low, communicators need to create a better strategy to reach their workforces. And they need to be able to measure their communications’ performance because it’s an ongoing process of testing engagement data, learning, and developing best practices that are aligned with organizational goals.

Companies are losing valuable opportunities with their intranets. Meet your employees where they already are – from mobile phones to tablets to emails. Learn how to engage more employees and to empower your internal communications, schedule a demo today.

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