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Congratulating the Leading Employee Communication Teams

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This year we are proud to announce that eight SocialChorus customers are finalists across 12 categories.
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Each year, Ragan recognizes the top professionals in employee communications with their Ragan Employee Communications Awards. And each year, SocialChorus customers make the cut. This year we are proud to announce that eight SocialChorus customers are finalists across 12 categories. Congratulations to the following communications professionals at:

  • Newell Brands: the comms team at Newell are masters at driving employee engagement. They are finalists in the CSR Program, Employee Engagement, Humorous Video, Instructional or Educational Content (intranet), Internal Event Strategy, Mobile App, and Podcast categories. 
  • American Cancer Society: has worked hard to streamline communication across their entire organization. They are finalists in the Mobile App category. 
  • Whirlpool Corporation: exemplifies the right way to get senior leadership involved in internal comms. They are finalists in the Executive Communications and Leadership Video categories. 
  • Exelon IT: knows how to leverage CIO communications to engage a dispersed IT team. They are finalists in the Executive Communications and Internal Event Strategy Categories. 
  • ConvaTec: is embracing translations and reaching global manufacturing employees on the shop floor. They are finalists in the Mobile App category. 
  • MGM Resorts International: with an international workforce, MGM Resorts ensures that they serving up culture and communications to frontline employees. They are finalists in the Mobile App category. 
  • Bright Horizons: have mastered the omnichannel approach. They are finalists in the Newsletter as well as Use for HR (intranet) categories. 
  • Lendlease: makes sure that no employee is left behind by leveraging their intranet to reach their entire workforce. They are finalists in the Value to Employees (intranet) category.

Leveraging a Branded Mobile App 

One particular category that SocialChorus customers shined was the mobile app group. Four out of seven mobile app finalists are SocialChorus customers. With the rise of the gig and freelance economy, communications professionals have to work hard to reach deskless and frontline employees. While workers that come into the office daily are much more likely to be aligned with company culture and messaging, employees that are in the field might not have access to a desktop to engage with corporate communications. 

Having an enterprise mobile app is the perfect way to reach a large, remote, and distributed workforce. A mobile app pairs nicely with desktop, email, and intranet experiences to help you reach employees wherever they are. Our clients all have unique mobile apps that help increase engagement with their messaging:

  • American Cancer Society: ACS2GO
  • ConvaTec: MyConvaTec
  • MGM Resorts International: LEO – MGM Resort’s first-ever mobile app
  • Newell Brands: now@newell app

An enterprise app can help connect workers at any time and place. Having a multichannel approach that includes mobile is the best way to optimize the reach of your communications. This channel greatly enhances the employee experience by keeping frontline employees informed and up-to-date with organizational objectives. 

Keeping employees engaged involves having a great workforce communications strategy. The leading employee comms teams all curate an omnichannel experience that engages their workforce and meets them on their preferred channel and device, while measuring their reach and impact. This is accomplished through the use of video, executive comms, mobile apps, podcasts, newsletters, and the intranet. We are so proud of all the hard work these teams have put in and are excited to see who wins. Congratulations! 

Winners of Ragan’s Employee Communications awards will be announced on February 28, 2020, in New York City. If you are interested in attending, click here


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Sonia Fiorenza

Sonia Fiorenza

Sonia Fiorenza leads communications and engagement strategies for SocialChorus. Sonia has more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications at Fortune 500 companies across industries such as financial services, biotechnology, and retail. She’s passionate about employee engagement for every worker from head office to the front line.

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