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Disconnected to Connected: Engagement on the Go

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We’re thrilled to have Joey Nord, Director of Corporate Communications & PR for Ciox, at this year’s FutureComms in New York City. Read about her talk.

We’re thrilled to have Joey Nord, Director of Corporate Communications & PR for Ciox, at this year’s FutureComms in New York City. Ciox is a leading health technology company and Joey manages all internal communications, executive communications, and public relations.

Ciox is undergoing a major tech transformation and they need to make sure their employees know the company’s broader strategic objectives because employees need to be informed in order for the business initiatives to be successful.

85% of Ciox employees are either remote or embedded in 3 out of 5 hospitals across the U.S., and yet many of them were more engaged with the people they worked with than they were with their own organization. How do you pull those folks in and engage them?

Joey will speak on how they launched SocialChorus’ workforce communications platform, achieving nearly 50% adoption in the first three months and transforming their internal communications.

Here are some of the successes Joey will speak about at FutureComms:

Before:  No email metrics and no targeted reach to their distributed workforce

After:  Reaching all associates and promoting a culture of transparency and inclusion

Examples: Making product announcements shareable through the employee’s own social media network, working with HR to increase the speed of open enrollment adoption (roughly doubling the number of employees year-over-year by the end of week one of the enrollment period), and promoting events like Ciox’s Educational Summit.


Before: No formal sharing of employee achievements

After: Celebrating milestones and motivating their workforce with success stories

Examples: Ciox celebrates employee milestones, sales wins, team community service, and more. It’s paying off because employee recognition posts receive the highest engagement. Employees love seeing their names in print and team and individual recognition helps them feel included – and part of something bigger than themselves. Joey will also discuss why content engagement is a proxy for employee engagement.


Joey will also reveal her top three tips for a successful mobile app launch, how their XSource app is now “table stakes” for onboarding all new employees, how HR is now a critical partner with comms, and about their most successful content.

Don’t miss Joey and her talk at FutureComms 2019 on April 24 at Gotham Hall!


For more than 25 years, Joey has led a variety of marketing communications functions at global technology companies, including McKesson and Nortel Networks. Areas of expertise include content creation; media and analyst relations; brand management; and employee, customer and executive communications.

A native of Maryland, Joey has lived in the Atlanta area since 1995. An avid movie buff and award show aficionado, she also enjoys watching Duke basketball with her husband, spending time with their two high school and college-aged children and walking their sweet rescue dog.


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Charong Chow

Charong Chow

Charong leads content strategy at SocialChorus. After film experiments, gallery shows, and a novel, she took the plunge into content marketing for tech startups. When Charong is not weaving narratives, she curates a small zoo that her two children have somehow managed to assemble.

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