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FutureComms 2019: How to Build a Strategic Communications Team

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At FutureComms, Gina Clark, EVP and Chief Communications & Administration Officer at AmerisourceBergen, will speak on how to create a results-oriented culture.

“I’ve always believed that communications and language have the ability to unite and empower people—and that poor or non-existent communication can completely paralyze individuals and organizations.”  – Gina Clark, Executive Vice President and Chief Communications & Administration Officer, AmerisourceBergen



Communications has the power to enable employee performance and create a results-oriented culture, but executive alignment is critical.

At FutureComms 2019, Gina Clark, Executive Vice President and Chief Communications & Administration Officer at AmerisourceBergen, will speak on how to build a business case for the investment in communications at your company, how to earn a seat at the strategy table, and how internal and external communicators can join forces to advance your organization’s goals.

In our highly-connected, always-on world, communicators are finally getting the respect they deserve because leaders across all industries have seen how wrong it can go when communications is ignored or pushed aside.

Thanks to technology advancements, we not only have the ability to connect with our global workforce like never before, but now we’re able to more effectively measure our reach, engagement, and impact on business performance.

Gina is excited about taking those insights and using them to serve up the right content, at the right time, to the right employees–so they are able to perform their best work each day.

Here are some key points she’ll discuss:

  • The data doesn’t lie—an engaged, informed, and empowered workforce improves an organization’s bottom line. But even with all of the data, it requires tremendous persistence (and patience) to get the right level of investment in your communications resources and technologies.
  • It’s not enough to just cascade your business strategy and goals to employees, they have to understand the bigger picture of why you’re doing it. What impact will we make on the world?
  • In the face of a crisis, use it as an opportunity to share your purpose and amplify your story both internally and externally.
  • Believe it or not, communicating doesn’t come naturally to some business leaders, so it’s the communicator’s job to push them and coach them so that they become better at authentically engaging and connecting with their teams.

Learn more about Gina and how she’s building a strategic communications team at AmerisourceBergen at FutureComms 2019. Register by March 24 for the early bird discount.


Gina’s bio:

Gina Clark is Executive Vice President and Chief Communications & Administration officer for AmerisourceBergen where she oversees strategic communications, marketing, government affairs, human resources, and corporate citizenship. In May 2016, Ms. Clark was named the president of the AmerisourceBergen Foundation, the company’s charitable 501(c)3. With more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Ms. Clark’s dynamic and insightful leadership supports one of the world’s largest global pharmaceutical services companies. Her expertise also includes thought leadership, public relations, managed care contracting, strategic marketing, board management, corporate citizenship, and strategic development.

Ms. Clark previously served as Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for AmerisourceBergen Corporation where she led strategic marketing and integrated branding initiatives across AmerisourceBergen and its business units. Prior to that role, she was the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group. Before coming to AmerisourceBergen, she worked in executive leadership roles at Premier Inc. and HealthSouth. Ms. Clark earned a bachelor’s degree from Georgia Southwestern University.


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