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FutureComms 2019: How to Use Storytelling to Inspire Organizational Change

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At FutureComms on April 24 in New York, Alberto Canal will speak on “Communicating Purpose: A Century of Using Innovation Stories to Engage the Workforce.”

In the current market, enterprise companies are struggling. If they don’t develop new ways of doing business and more agile ways of working, they may find their legacies consigned to history.

Since 1955, only 60 of the Fortune 500 are still around.

To address this challenge, Global 500 company Panasonic has totally transformed their business model in the United States over the last 10 years. Previously known for its consumer electronics roots, Panasonic’s U.S. company made the strategic choice to become a B2B provider, using its technological expertise and consumer knowledge to develop hardware and software solutions for industry. The move has come with great success—Panasonic technology now enables the largest traffic management system in the U.S., and powers some of the most popular gasoline-electric hybrid cars as well as every Tesla on the road.

These changes could not have succeeded without support from Panasonic’s 274,143 employees, as FutureComms 2019 speaker Alberto Canal, VP, Strategic Communications, points out. To engage the Panasonic workforce, Alberto and his team combined the power of new technology with the ethos of the seven principles the company has maintained since the 1930s. Using innovative storytelling, they helped employees channel their passion for the company’s legacy into its transformation.

First communicated by Panasonic’s founder, Kōnosuke Matsushita, in the 1930s—way before it was cool for companies to talk about their purpose—Panasonic’s seven principles are: contribution to society, fairness and honesty, cooperation and team spirit, untiring effort for improvement, courtesy and humility, adaptability, and gratitude. These principles are the core values for how people treat each other at Panasonic, how we carry out our duties, and how it drives the company’s latest transformations.

In his FutureComms talk on April 24 in New York, Alberto will focus on “Communicating Purpose: A Century of Using Innovation Stories to Engage the Workforce.”

The conversation will cover these vital points about the future of technology and communications:

  • Insights: As communicators, we have more tools at our disposal than ever before in human history. Find out how to prioritize the data that’s most relevant, and the data that helps us do our jobs best.
  • Personalization: Mobile and social media allow us to reach more people today than ever before. Learn how to serve up content that meets a group’s or individual’s preferences, and how AI will increase our ability to personalize messaging going forward.
  • Evangelism: One of the most rewarding experiences as a communications professional is to see people engage with your content and brand. Discover new ways to motivate your workforce and share your company’s message with their community.

Learn more about how Alberto and the team at Panasonic are using communications to keep employees invested in the company’s continued transformation at FutureComms 2019. Register now before tickets sell out!


Alberto’s Bio:

 Alberto Canal is the vice president of strategic communications for Panasonic North America. He leads efforts to define Panasonic’s unique narrative, and through integrated communications drives awareness and advocacy of the company’s diverse portfolio which powers sustainable business solutions such as electric vehicles, the future of food retail, logistics, manufacturing, and more. Alberto is responsible for internal and external communications including earned and social media, influencer strategy, and industry analyst relations. After starting his career as a news reporter, he went on to lead communications teams telling brand stories for iconic tech companies including Verizon and IBM.


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