Get more time for strategic planning with 4 new SocialChorus features

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Increase the scale of your comms, not your workload. We’re announcing new features today at FutureComms, our annual gathering of 400+ communications pros.

Scale your communications… without extending your workday

Does your ideal to-do list look like this? 

    • Show business impact
    • Drive communications alignment
    • Support broader business initiatives

In reality, does it turn into something like this?

    • Publish communications for team managers
    • Send multiple onboarding emails
    • Google search for images for each communication

If you answered yes, you’re likely in good company with thousands of other communicators who are pulled in countless different directions even as their resources stay the same. We often hear from our customers that with so much on their plates that they have no time for high-level, strategic work. In fact, that’s why we’re announcing four new features today at FutureComms, our annual gathering of more than 400 communications professionals and leading communicators from global enterprise companies. We’re excited to show communicators how to use these features to save time and amplify their efforts.  


Increase the scale of your communications… not your workload.

There’s an obvious need for solutions that simplify communications management across departments and locations. SocialChorus’ new product features address these challenges by automating and eliminating the busy work of communicators, so they can devote more time to creating effective, personalized content. The four new features of the SocialChorus platform make it easy for you to create and scale content and get insights about what engages your audience. They also empower managers to highlight their teams’ achievements, and employees to get the information they need. These improvements free you up for the strategic planning that makes a measurable difference to your organization.


Four new SocialChorus features to change the way you work:


Content Themes


  • Channel Management: Allows team and frontline managers outside of the internal communications team to create and post rich content like videos, images, links, articles, and notes. You set approval guidelines to ensure posts are on brand, they create and publish directly, helping you scale up communications without additional time and resources.
    • Example In Action:  A frontline manager is granted management of the communications channels for his plant, scaling the content for that group without restrictive oversight.
  • Assistant: Gives every worker one easily accessible place to search and find company information they need—from onboarding to other HR-related assets—improving the day-to-day employee experience. You can make things even easier with automation: our Smart Campaigns automated publishing feature can send content directly to Assistant.
    • Example In Action: New employees can receive daily, pre-loaded onboarding information in sequence within their desktop or mobile experience.
  • Content Themes: Let you create immersive experiences for employees with new templates that support many media formats, an image library, and tagging. Deliver professional-grade multimedia content without paying thousands in design fees. 
    • Example In Action: You can pre-load brand-approved images to include in every post, choose a template to package it in, and tag and track the results of similar types of content.
  • Enhanced Analytics: Gives you actionable insights without the need for a data analyst.
    • Example In Action: Find out that employees in a given location prefer video messages for safety training, or that the best time to post content is between 8-9am.


To learn more about our new platform features, and how to improve employee experience while working within the constraints of your company, schedule a demo.


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