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How Talend is Rethinking Employee Communications

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In this blog, learn how Talend is rethinking employee communications and engagement by leveraging a mobile solution for global communications.
talend rethinking employee comms blog

In our recent webinar – How to Leverage a Major Event to Amplify Global Employee Communications – Jake Spencer of Talend shared with us some best practices for launching a global employee communications platform.

What communication challenges did Talend face?

Talend relied on lengthy mass emails to communicate with employees. Although they had plenty of content to share, there was no central platform to distribute that great content to employees. It was hard for employees to engage with long emails and to easily access the information they were looking for. Another challenge Talend faced was not having reliable metrics to see if their efforts were working.

What inspired you to modernize communications?

When Talend’s CEO saw the current email communication strategy he wondered, “Is there a better way we can communicate to our employees?” From there, Talend aimed to move their communications to a mobile platform and create a hub that would provide employees with updates. Ultimately, the goal of a mobile communication platform was to make employees lives easier.

How did your recent global sales meeting help you drive adoption and engagement?

The communications team at Talend used the 2017 global sales kick-off event to re-launch Talend Ignite as both an external and internal source of content and information for employees. A content and engagement strategy specifically for the event was created which included new channels for the team scavenger hunt and employee submitted photos. Content submitted by employees was then shown throughout the event on the visual display boards. Employees were able to use Talend Ignite in a fundamentally different way than before and also learn new features and functionalities that they may have not known before. In just four hours, over 1,000 pieces of content were submitted by employees. Talend Ignite is on track for the biggest month for reach, engagement and active users in the history of the program. Spencer credits this to incorporating Talend Ignite as part of the global sales meeting.

What are your best practices for using a platform like Talend Ignite?

Gain executive support from different departments is key to driving adoption of programs like Talend Ignite. Employees also need to be consistently engaged so they use the platform in some way. Spencer suggests making the program very user-centric and utilize different tactics to engage employees such as personalized push notifications or a variety of channels.

Watch the on-demand webinar recording here.


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