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How to Connect and Build Culture with Frontline Workers

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Learn how Love's Travel Stops engaged their hard-to-reach frontline employees and built a strong company culture with internal communications.
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What’s the best way to engage with frontline team members who work at travel stops across the U.S.? For years, this had been the biggest challenge for Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, a family-owned fuel retailer with more than 450 truck stop and convenience stores in 41 states.

Kyla Turner, who oversees employee communications, media and PR, special projects (including customer-focused and culture-building activities), charitable giving, and community relations at Love’s, says their frontline employees have the most important job because they deliver outstanding service to customers, in person, at all hours, every day of the year. According to Kyla (who was recently featured in our eBook, Communicators of Change 2019), Love’s used to rely mainly on mass communications and cascading messages to engage frontline employees. However, these approaches had spotty results.

“We opened access to our intranet away from work, but connecting to it could be cumbersome,” says Kyla. “For all the talk about responsive design, our comms channels were not meeting the needs of the employees who needed it most.”

At FutureComms 2019 on April 24 in New York City, Kyla will speak about some of the transformative changes Love’s implemented to engage these hard-to-reach employees and build a strong company culture. Here’s a brief preview of her experience.

Design and Launch of the Love’s Now App

Love’s partnered with SocialChorus to launch the Love’s Now app. The idea behind this mobile platform was to give frontline employees a way to engage with the entire Love’s community at any time, from any wireless device. The app was designed so that employees could use the app to receive important information from Love’s, as well as share their own information from the field without having to wait for meetings or wade through red tape.

Adoption of the Love’s Now App

Ever since a successful, targeted launch of the app, adoption of Love’s Now app has grown organically. Employees now routinely recommend the app to others as the best way to receive up-to-date information. They also use the app to recognize or congratulate one another on accomplishments.

“We look at internal communications strategies differently today because our employees helped us build a positive, engaged community through the app,” says Kyla. “We understood that our frontline employees were taking care of customers. We wanted something more than just engagement. Engagement is wonderful. But from an operations standpoint, they want also something that’s going to bring them tools to do their job. So that’s why we really focused in on the operational aspect, so they don’t have to rely on managers remembering to gather them together and tell them. That’s where we saw the biggest wins.”

Meet Kyla and hear more details about how the Love’s Now app has transformed employee engagement and internal communications; register now to attend FutureComms 2019 (now Attune) at the historic Gotham Hall in New York City. 

Click the image to download the Communicator of Change ebook.

Kyla Turner Communicators of Change 2019 eBook

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