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Creating Connected Companies

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FutureComms 2019 takes place on April 24 at New York City's Gotham Hall. With over 300 senior-level communicators from the world’s largest companies. RSVP now.
blog  how to help employees thrive and create connected companies

When employees have an immediate and meaningful connection to their companies, a kind of magical transformation happens. Disconnections turn into connections. Siloes crumble. “Maybes” become possibilities.

That’s why “Creating Connected Companies” is this year’s theme at our third annual  FutureComms 2019, SocialChorus’ internal communications conference.

Last year’s event (which sold out) hosted more than 300 senior-level communicators from the world’s largest companies. We discussed the challenges of capturing the attention of workers who geographically dispersed, connected to digital devices almost 24/7, and bombarded with a barrage of incoming information daily.

Last year, speakers also discussed the value of measuring your internal communications data to prove your ROI. As Sonia Fiorenza, vice president of communications and engagement strategies at SocialChorus, stated recently:

“Companies are finally embracing the digital workforce to provide a more connected and productive employee experience. But communications teams are trailing behind this transformation. Most communicators have never had the right tools to connect to a wired or unwired workforce quickly and efficiently—nor have they been able to measure their results.”


On April 24  FutureComms 2019 will feature a group of internal communicators and leaders who have completely transformed the way they engage with their workforces. They’ve transcended cities, borders, and oceans to create connected companies and inspire employees. You’ll learn how and why they did it, and what changes and actions you can implement  to make the same kind of successful impact at your own company.

Some of our featured topics include the following.

Building the Digital Workplace “Stack”

Learn how communications, IT and HR teams are connecting technology channels and platforms to reach every employee with personalized, relevant information related to their job.

The Connected Leader

Hear case studies and interviews with C-suite executives who have changed company culture by investing in communications.

Measuring Internal Communications Impact and Leveraging Insights

Find out how to measure whether you are reaching the right employee, at the right time, with the right message.

IRL (“In Real Life”) Stories

Discover programs and content that drive massive engagement and organizational change.


Here are some of the people who will deliver presentations and keynotes speeches at FutureComms 2019.

How to Help Employees Thrive and Create Connected Companies

Join us in New York on April 24, 2019, at the historic Gotham Hall for FutureComms 2019. (Also, the invitation-only Customer Forum will take place on April 23.) Register now — both events sold out last year.

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Charong Chow

Charong Chow

Charong leads content strategy at SocialChorus. After film experiments, gallery shows, and a novel, she took the plunge into content marketing for tech startups. When Charong is not weaving narratives, she curates a small zoo that her two children have somehow managed to assemble.

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