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Internal + External Communications: 5 Ways to Lead from the Inside Out

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Many companies often overlook a valuable resource—their employees. That was our message at Cision’s first CommsCon conference in London. Here are the “five A’s.”
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You don’t have a comms strategy unless you have a workforce communications strategy.

Whether its managing corporate reputation or amplifying of your message, many companies often overlook a valuable resource—their employees.

That was our message to over 600 communications professionals attending Cision’s first CommsCon conference in London. We spoke about the benefits of uniting external and internal communications to drive what we like to call the “five A’s.”

1. Access

Give your employees access to news and announcements first. From crisis communications to major company updates, such as a merger or acquisition, have the courtesy to distribute announcements to your internal audience before they see the news in the media.

2. Advocacy

Engagement leads to advocacy. Employees who feel connected to the company and valued are more likely to share positive company-related content to their networks of social connections.

3. Authenticity

Give your employees a voice and get authentic conversations about your brand or their own personal experiences working at your company. Let them share real stories that reflect your vision and values.

4. Amplification

If your employees are sharing, they are engaging. And you can measure that engagement and reach, getting an even fuller picture of how far your message traveled.

5. Alignment

Nothing can derail a public announcement like having an employee speak out of turn or deliver the wrong message. Make sure your communications strategy is clear by providing official talking points and direction to keep your people on point.

To learn more about how SocialChorus supports company communications during times of change, take a look at our customer stories.

Originally published on Cision.

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David Warren

David Warren

David Warren is VP, Business Development & Partnerships at SocialChorus where he leads business development efforts with strategic, technology, and service partners. SocialChorus serves our global customers by thoughtfully integrating with other enterprise solutions. Together, we make comms teams more effective so they can be more strategic and valuable to their business. David previously built out the global business development team at Showpad after they acquired his software firm in 2016.

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