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Providence shares with the Page Society how they achieved an 8x increase in employee engagement

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Providence explains how their healthcare organization stays at the forefront of the Digital Employee Experience using the right CommTech
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“I was beginning to grow more frustrated that no matter how great we thought our content was, we couldn’t really measure who was engaging with it and what impact it had on helping shape our culture and meeting the goals of the organization.

Orest Holubec, Chief Communication Officer at Providence

Orest Holubec at Providence understands that in an era where people are overwhelmed with content in both their personal and professional lives, his Internal Communications team is constantly competing for their healthcare employees’ time. They’ve always pushed hard to create amazing and captivating content, but it was difficult to tell if their efforts were reaching their caregivers. The team knew they needed something more. That is where the use of CommTech and specifically, SocialChorus, came in. 

Providence, a healthcare system with over 120,000 employees, is now leveraging sophisticated CommTech, through SocialChorus, to drive their business forward in a way that they could not do before – reaching employees on multiple channels, using targeted campaign logic, and tracking robust insights in real time. Providence shared how they were able to achieve this transformation to the Page Society in their recent joint webinar.

This new strategy led to an astounding 8x increase in their caregiver employee engagement and a 25% increase in manager engagement. 

Meeting employees where they are

Providence rolled out the complete Microsoft stack to their healthcare organization earlier this year.  With the SocialChorus multi-channel approach, including the ability to simultaneously publish to Sharepoint, email, the SocialChorus mobile app, and within Microsoft Teams, Providence is able to run automated and targeted campaigns. Plus, they’re now able to measure their communications across all endpoints, something they couldn’t do with Microsoft alone. This new strategy led to an astounding 8x increase in their caregiver employee engagement and a 25% increase in manager engagement. 

“We can streamline all publishing and deliver personalized communications to our employee’s preferred channel/location.”

Orest Holubec, Chief Communication Officer at Providence

The power of Commtech

The right CommTech equips Communication leaders with not only the ability to streamline their company-wide communications strategy, but also with the power of data.  These unified analytics prove the effectiveness of their work. Investing in these digital tools make it possible for organizations to take action to boost reach, engagement, and increasingly have a significant strategic impact on the company’s most important initiatives.    

See the Providence blog article on the Page Society website

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