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SocialChorus’ Content Amplifier Shares Content Across Channels

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Content Amplifier allows you to push new content into any channel that supports embedded iframes or scripts. Reach your employees where they are. Learn how.
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Why do internal communicators still need to copy and paste the same information over and over to publish the same content in different channels?

Today, we are happy to tell you that this painful process is over. Meet Content Amplifier.

Content Amplifier gives you the ability to push new content into any channel that supports embedded iframes or scripts. Reach your employees wherever in whichever channel they prefer.

We live in a multi-channel world

Employees want to consume content when and where it’s convenient. Some people prefer an intranet experience like Sharepoint or SiteCore. Or others look for company updates in Salesforce or Confluence.

For the communicator, getting content to every place an employee might look for it is tedious. With Content Amplifier, eliminate the additional work of publishing multiple times across channels, and focus on what’s important—creating great content, delivering on your strategy, and meeting your business goals.

How to stream your branded app’s feed to your intranet or other platforms

By adding a simple snippet of code, just once, to the desired channel, employees will automatically start to see personalized content on that channel. Content Amplifier delivers the same communications across your mobile or desktop employee experience.

  • Create and publish, content from one single source—Program Studio.
  • Automatically push that content to employees’ channels of choice via Content Amplifier.
  • Provide a high-quality experience with multiple pre-built templates that are branded and polished.
  • Track engagement holistically across all platforms. Finally, measure your content’s performance from one workforce communications platform rather than separate tools.

Content Amplifier gives communicators a way to streamline their workflows and get relevant information to their employees faster.

Schedule a demo to see how Content Amplifier can work for you.

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Gillian Clowes

Gillian Clowes

Gillian is a Sr. Product Manager focused on building beautiful experiences for communicators and employees. Prior to joining Product, she helped customers improve their workforce comms as part of the Customer Success team. Outside of work, you can find Gillian making jewelry and playing trivia.

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