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SocialChorus’ Partnership with Diversified: Streamline Your Multi-Channel Approach

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We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Diversified, a leading global tech solutions provider, to deliver digital signage effectively.
blog socialchorus partnership with diversified  streamline your multi channel approach

Good communication is critical to aligning your workforce. It can make or break your employee engagement. There are a lot of things to take into account when planning your communications strategy—one such consideration is which channels, or employee touchpoints, will be most effective in reaching your audience. For many of our customers, the answer is to use a multi-channel approach to meet your workforce where they are—including email, the intranet, push notifications, a mobile app, and, increasingly, digital signage.

One of the major challenges of digital signage has been getting the right content to the right users. Often the solution is cumbersome: once per week someone has to go around with a physical USB drive and refresh content.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Diversified—a leading global technology solutions provider—to deliver new digital signage capabilities for organizations to reach employees across multiple channels more effectively.

By using SocialChorus’ workforce communications platform + Diversified, communicators and their IT partners benefit by having an end-to-end solution. Communicators can now not only easily publish content to digital signage, but also access Diversified’s experts to help implement and manage the software, hardware, reporting, and maintenance of the signs.

With this partnership, communicators can scale their content strategies and reach their entire global workforce by publishing to digital signs anywhere in the world.  Additionally, IT and corporate leaders benefit from the ability to see unified analytics – including from digital signage—in our dashboard.

How it works

Customers can use the Content Amplifier feature in Program Studio as their new content publisher for digital signage. This automatically refreshes the relevant content that employees need to see at that moment.

Specific features of the new SocialChorus and Diversified solution include:


  • With SocialChorus’ Program Studio, you can create one message and publish to every channel at once – from digital signage to mobile, email, desktop, and company intranet.


  • The SocialChorus Content Amplifier feature can embed a newsfeed anywhere you can place a URL, HTML iframe, or web script, so you can syndicate content everywhere without installing software on each channel.


  • Choose from multiple content templates with flexible dimensions to match any Diversified digital signage format. The templates also support auto-refreshed content and autoplay videos.

On top of the product capabilities, customers also receive enhanced support and easier IT management through the partnership, including access to SocialChorus’ workforce communications experts and Diversified’s global, multi-network of consultants providing digital signage support. Easily incorporating digital signage into their arsenal of communications channels gives customers the ability to reach all workers, including those who are deskless—i.e., not sitting behind a computer screen.

“Digital signage is a powerful, increasingly critical channel for reaching frontline workers who may not have access to other devices while performing their work,” said John Mellelo, Senior VP, Digital Media Group – Diversified. “The combination of SocialChorus’ content creation and publishing capabilities with our digital signage and technology expertise gives customers a comprehensive solution for reaching all employees, while creating less work for IT teams through auto-refresh capabilities that get messages out automatically.”

Read more in our press release or on our website about how the SocialChorus and Diversified partnership empowers organizations to reach every worker.


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Nicole Alvino

Nicole Alvino

Nicole is our Chief Strategy Officer and works with executives across our customer base to ensure we are powering communications transformation with true business results. Prior to founding SocialChorus, she was the Founder and CEO of Dermalounge and a pioneer in using new technologies to engage and empower employees before it was a Gartner Quadrant.

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