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SocialChorus reimagined

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We’re launching a new website that will help us showcase how we deliver greater value to the enterprise, and we’ve updated our branding to match.
New SocialChorus

TL;DR:  We changed the logo and launched a new website!

Today is a big day at SocialChorus. We’re not only introducing our new logo and branding our platform, but also launching a new website that will reshape how we communicate our value to the enterprise.

In a year of incredible uncertainty and change, you may be asking, why now? To answer that, it helps to start by looking back a bit.

Where we’ve been

SocialChorus has spent the last five years dedicated to building an enterprise software platform that could empower communicators to measurably reach every worker with personalized news and information, and align those workers with their company’s direction. All of this is grounded in the fact that in order to truly reach the workforce, you have to meet them where they are—regardless of whether they sit in an office or are on the frontline.

With a laser focus on that goal, we’ve been fortunate to become the communications backbone at more than 150 of the world’s largest employers, including 10 of the Fortune 50. It is incredible to see the success of our customers using communications to drive their business. Even more so, it has been inspiring to see each of these same customers rise to the challenge of being the source of truth that their workforce desperately needs during a rapidly evolving pandemic.

We’re not only getting validation from our customers, but also from the financial market. In July we raised over $100 million by partnering with Sumeru Equity Partners, who believe in the business we’ve built and want to fuel our growth as we continue to tackle the issues in the digital workplace.

A bigger challenge on the horizon

As much as we know that it’s critical to keep helping our customers communicate with every worker, we also know there are new obstacles hampering organizations’ agility and overall productivity.

With digital transformation and the future of work converging, the employee experience is becoming critical to business success. Companies need digital workplaces that are user-friendly for all employee categories—not just wired office workers, but frontline, remote and distributed workers. Unfortunately, digitizing the workplace is not yielding the results promised. Wired workers are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with “digital noise” while the non-wired are largely not part of the picture. For most companies, it is still really hard to deliver information to every worker and at the same time it is even harder for those same workers to access the information they truly need. Organizations are missing out on workforce insights because they are unable to listen, learn and react quickly to what is happening in their digital workplace.

Evolution of SocialChorus

To create a digital workplace that actually works for every worker, we’re giving our product greater power and purpose. We’re expanding our focus so that our platform  not only delivers personalized communications, but also acts as a communications backbone that provides every employee frictionless access to the entire digital workplace. Through that backbone, we’ll also give companies visibility into key workforce insights that they can use to react to challenges and take advantage of previously unseen opportunities.

It is time for our brand to reflect that bigger vision. We started with refreshing our logo, wanting a more modern representation of SocialChorus. More than anything, though, we wanted it to reflect how we empower our customers to send a signal through the digital noise for every member of their workforce.

SC Logo Evolution

Next, we’ve officially named our industry leading platform FirstUp. Previously we’ve used 1stUp as the name of our mobile application. Now, with the unified and greatly expanded platform, it is time to bring all of that power under one, updated name.

Finally, we’re putting all of this into action on our new website, launching today. The site provides clarity in what we do, who we serve and how our platform works, whether you are a professional communicator, work in IT, HR or own a line of business.  

Mobilizing the enterprise

Agility is the greatest advantage in the modern marketplace. Enterprises that can’t adapt quickly can’t win. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help organizations act proactively and react rapidly. 

The future of work is one where companies succeed by making the digital workplace more accessible, useful and productive for their people. And we’re ready to go all in on that future. 

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SocialChorus is the creator of FirstUp, the platform that makes the digital employee experience work for every worker. Using our powerful orchestration engine, we bring personalized information and systems access to every employee where they are—on any endpoint or device, in any language, anywhere in the world. Whether they’re wired, mobile, frontline, distributed or essential, FirstUp gives employees what they need to do their jobs efficiently, and companies what they need to achieve agility. That’s how we help enterprise customers like Amazon, ABInBev, Ford and GSK continue to transform their businesses.

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