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The Employee Experience: Top 7 News Stories of November 2018

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What are the latest headlines related to the future of work, digital transformation, and the employee experience? Here’s all you need to know.
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What are the latest headlines related to the future of work, digital transformation, and the employee experience? We’ve got you covered every third Friday of the month when we publish a roundup of the latest news and trends. Here’s all you need to know.

#1: Strengthening the employee experience improves the customer experience.  

Harvard Business Review conducted a podcast interview with Michael Gretczko from Deloitte Consulting, LLP and Jody Kohner of Salesforce, who discussed today’s workforce landscape. Both experts feel strongly strengthening the employee experience is key to improving the customer experience. Gretczko in particular says the employee experience is key because of its potential to impact revenue growth.

Kohner also quotes some very interesting engagement and retention statistics, which “show that 45% of employers report difficulties in filling jobs, 85% of employees self-report as being disengaged, and—a really scary thought, here—90% of them are open to new opportunities.”

#2: Companies often fail to prioritize the employee experience.  

CMS Wire quotes Kelly Koelliker, director of product marketing at Verint, who says “engaged, empowered” employees are a critical element of creating engaged, happy customers. They also report a common disconnect: While a survey showed 53% of respondents say a consumer’s experience is affected by a motivated and equipped workforce, the same companies put the employee experience near the bottom of a top-10 priority list.

#3: Granting time off to vote is an easy way to improve the employee experience.

Forbes discussed the recent midterm election and how allowing employees time off from work in order to vote is a simple way to improve the employee experience. Thirty-five percent of non-voters cite “lack of time off work” as the main reason for skipping a trip to the polls. Apart from the fact that not allowing employees time off to vote may be illegal in some states, giving employees the ability to take time off with no consequence fosters an improved employee experience.

#4: Gamify your onboarding experience to boost productivity and retention.

Heidi Lynne Kurter at Forbes looks into the trend of “gamifying” the onboarding process. An Aberdeen Group study predicts employees are 69% more likely to remain with a company for at least three years when they have experienced a positive and rewarding onboarding experience. Companies have been slow to implement gaming strategies as part of the onboarding process in part because of a stigma that video game players are socially inept or lazy. However, gamifying is, “less about gaming consoles and more about taking elements from video games to create an interactive and hands-on training program.”

#5: Slack, instant messaging, and other “always-on” tech tools may impede employee creativity.

New research by Harvard Business School’s Associate Professor Ethan Bernstein and colleagues, warn that “always-on technologies,” such as Slack, Yammer, instant messaging, and others may not always be effective. These innovations have been touted to increase team creativity and problem solving, but they may be counter-productive. Instead, alternative tools that are “intermittently on” might be better for complex problem-solving.

#6: Six elements you need to create a successful work culture.

Forbes looks into trends on building a successful workplace. David Sturt outlines six elements grounded in the employee experience: purpose, opportunity, success, appreciation, well-being, and leadership. No matter the overall culture of the company, those six elements can be applied to create an improved employee experience.

#7: Virtual Reality (VR) Training: Walmart Leverages VR For Employees

Enterprise Mobility Chain spoke with Aaron Kimbrough, Senior Manager II for Digital Operations at WalMart about the wide-scale expansion of the company’s virtual reality (VR) employee training module. The VR training has now been rolled out to almost all of its 5,000 retail stores across the country. Managers, cashiers, and even janitors will use VR training to focus on three areas: new technology, soft skills (like customer service), and compliance. Looking toward the future, this model will allow new training modules to be downloaded directly to the VR units allowing for more concise, time-saving, and successful training sessions.


Ready to learn more about improving the digital employee experience?  Watch the recording of our webinar with Mike Gotta, Research VP at Gartner, “Why Internal Communications Is At The Center Of Digital Transformation.”

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