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Top 10 Employee Experience Strategy Trends in December

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Missed the latest stories related to employee experience strategy, the future of work, and digital transformation? Read our monthly roundup of the top news.
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Missed the latest stories related to employee experience strategy, the future of work, and digital transformation? Our monthly roundup showcases the latest news—from large media publications, to think tanks, to market analytics and consulting firms that specialize in the digital workplace.

Trend #1: Artificial Intelligence Is Not the Future of Work; It’s Already Here

One-third of U.S. workers already use AI on the job. Optimized Workforce’s latest report surveyed more than 10,000 American workers to understand more about the nuances of technology and work. They discovered that the most common AI technologies being used to improve employee experience are AI-enabled document classification and document creation technologies. Also, construction is one of the industries that stands outs as aggressively investing in AI technologies.  

Trend #2: Most People are Optimistic about the Effects of AI

The Pew Research Center published a new report, “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans.” Some 979 technology innovators, business and policy leaders, researchers, and activists answered the question, “As AI continues to spread, will people be better off than they are today?” Despite any the downsides these experts may fear, 63% of respondents in this survey said they are optimistic that most people will be mostly better off in 2030, and 37% said individuals will not be better off.

Trend #3: The Employee Experience Strategy Will Improve Job Performance

Why are so many business leaders incorporating mindfulness and wellness practices as part of their employee experience strategy? Gallup explains organizations are using scientific data analysis to identify specific behavior changes that can indicate what stage of the employee life cycle is breaking down. These processes will allow companies to improve their employee experience, and meet the high expectations their workers have with their workplace.

Trend #4: The Future of Office Design Is More Than Just Cool Amenities

Forbes recently featured photos from WIRED, Esty, and SAP’s HANA of offices designed by Gensler, an office design firm that caters to the specific needs of the employees. The beautiful and utilitarian spaces focused on diversified workspaces, dynamic alcoves, and community engagement.

Trend #5: The Employee Experience Will Impact Your Company Brand

As a result of online sharing by employees, the employee experience has become an integral part of the employment brand of a company. According to analysis from Gallup, the team manager accounts for 70 percent of the team’s employee experience.

Trend #6:  AI Will Help You Redesign the Employee Experience

A new Forbes Insights reveals Human Resources leaders are using AI to analyze data regarding an employee’s personality and learning habits, and develop specific career plans based on the findings. They are also using various communication analysis tools like ADP Compass, Kanjoya, and Humu to obtains insights on employee morale. AI technologies are also devising plans for managing human capital.

Trend #7: Human Capital Management and HR Tech Will Continue to Boom

With the human capital management sector expected to reach $30 billion by 2025, it is safe to say HR tech is booming. G2 Crowd has put together predictions for the new year, which includes an emphasis on the employee experience, corporate wellness programs, VR-based sexual harassment training, and blind-hiring technologies to remove unconscious bias regarding gender, race, etc. from the hiring process.

Trend #8: Gamers (and Blockchain) Are Creating the Future of Work and Society

As more people spend more time online, they’re building online communities. A recent Forbes piece explains how immersive, distributed communities that gamers build and communicate in will become the platforms used by companies in the future. Games like Neon District and Cocos-BCX are using their blockchain technologies to create communication platforms for company employees.

Trend #9: Marketers Will Help Re-imagine the Future of Work

Marketers are embracing new forms of flexible work opportunities like side-hustles and “squiggly careers” that allow them to pursue multiple projects for their own professional development, according to Marketing Week. Companies like WeWork and Powered By We are designing flexible offices and co-working spaces that cater to distributed employees.

Trend #10: We’ll Embrace Lifelong Training for Employees

The Brookings Institute’s latest report (part of its series, “A Blueprint for the Future of AI”) recommends governments have the responsibility to help citizens become lifelong learners. According to the report: “This can be accomplished through government matches to tax-deferred training accounts and/or through lifetime training loan accounts, with repayments tied to future income in ways discussed shortly that minimize federal subsidies and thus pressures on an already excessive and mounting federal deficit.”

Top 10 Employee Experience Strategy Trends in December

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