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Video Like a Boss: Now, What Will I Say?

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The "Dreaded Blank Page” may be the hardest part of your new journey into making videos like a boss. The trick is to not try to say it all. Brevity is bliss. Here's our second article in our Video Like a Boss blog series
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Staring out at the “Dreaded Blank Page” is the hardest part of your new journey into making videos like a boss. But there’s a lot to talk about. Actually… too much! The trick is to not try to say it all. Brevity is bliss. Your audience will greatly appreciate your taking the time to condense your message to its essence so that they don’t have to parse through it looking for gems.


If you missed our first Video Like a Boss series, we talked about the Age of Distraction and how you can cut through the noise with video. Now I’ll give you the tools to figure out what to say.

List of video topics

In addition to a bunch of suggested topics, we’ve created a basic content outline that works in almost every situation. Use it to keep your videos simple, short, and on-point.

Browse the list below for inspiration if you’re not sure what topics you want to tackle for your first few videos:

Internal company news:

  • Product Milestones
  • Introducing New Employees
  • New IT System
  • Announcing a promotion
  • Quarterly Sales Updates

External company news:

  • PR Response to Crisis
  • Stance on Political News
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic Planning Updates
  • Closure on Deals and Partnerships


  • Book and Product Reviews
  • Learning Experiences
  • Favorite New App
  • Life Lessons and Insights
  • Entrepreneurial and Leadership Tips


Your first 12 weeks

This sample editorial calendar covering three months could be used on a loop without anyone noticing that it’s repeating. And if new events come up, they are a great opportunity to use video to update your employees. Use the list below or come up with your own using the worksheet in the appendix.

  • Week 1: Business Progress
  • Week 2:  Product Update
  • Week 3: Team Congrats
  • Week 4: Customer Update
  • Week 5: On the Road
  • Week 6: Quarterly Results
  • Week 7: Personal Reflections
  • Week 8: Celebrating a Team Member
  • Week 9: Internal Priorities
  • Week 10: Book or Article Review
  • Week 11: Celebrate Culture
  • Week 12: Look to the Future

TWIN Strategy Video Like a BossThe TWIN Strategy

T: Topic

What are you going to talk about?

W: What

The content. What you’re saying.

I: Impact

How will this affect the viewer?

N: Next

What is the next step or call to action?


The TWIN strategy is a simple encapsulation of everything we think belongs in a video and nothing more or less. By covering the topic, the what, the impact, and the next steps, you’re giving your audience everything they need without boring them with extraneous information.


Start by introducing yourself and plainly stating what the video is about. This sets expectations and gives people a reason to keep watching because they know what they’re getting into.


Come up with no more than three points for your topic —this is the meat of your content. Explain why each point matters to you, to the company, or to the audience. People can’t digest more than three points, so if you want your message to stick, keep it to three.

Three points are also easier for you to remember when you’re making your video. No need to push it through. If you only have two points (or even one), that’s fine!


How does this topic impact your audience? When they become a part of the story, it gives the audience a reason to care and a reason to share.


Tell them what comes next and how they can learn more or get involved.


The basic outline

Use this outline as a template for your videos as you start out. We’ve used this format ourselves and in our workshops and find that it is extremely flexible and can cover every topic we’ve thrown at it.

If you need more help getting started, watch our Video Like a Boss webinar for more video tips. And next week, we’ll go over the TWIN strategy in more depth, and how to connect with your audience/employees in front of the camera.

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Greg Shove

Greg Shove

Greg is the executive chairman and founder of SocialChorus. He thinks that all employees, especially deskless workers, deserve to be connected every day to what matters to them at work. In the past, he has founded three other start-ups and worked at companies like Apple Computer and AOL. He is also the co-creator of Like a Boss, a new way to train global leaders.

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