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Video Like a Boss: Summary and Final Thoughts

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Whether you lead five people or five thousand, you probably have room for improvement in terms of connecting with your team. How to Video Like a Boss.
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In the last installment of our Video Like A Boss blog series, we’ll summarize and cover the final pieces of information you need to shoot your own high-quality executive videos and engage your employees.

Whether you lead five people or five thousand, you probably have room for improvement in terms of connecting with your team. So we’ve made this as simple as possible to get you started right away.

Go buy the tripod and the mics right now from Amazon (links below), pick one of our topics, follow our template, and make your first video this week. It won’t be amazing. But it will be good enough. You’ll get to amazing in no time.

Remember, this isn’t just about video. Expect to see improvement in all your communications. You’ll be more authentic, clear, and impactful. And you’ll need to be if you want to lead in the age of distraction. Okay, let’s go!


Complete list of video topics:


  • Introducing New Hire
  • Announcing Promotion
  • Team Expansion
  • New Office
  • Explaining a New Executive Role
  • Company Hero Spotlight
  • Announcing a Key Person Leaving
  • External Recognition for Someone
  • Key Person Deceased


Company Internal 

  • Launch of New IT System
  • Launch of New Operational System
  • Mission/Vision/Values
  • Layoffs Announcement
  • Brand Refresh
  • Introducing a CSR Initiative
  • Participating in a CSR Initiative
  • Announcing a New Benefit
  • Announcing a New Wellness Initiative
  • Holiday Message


Missed any of the blogs in our series? Download the entire Video Like a Boss ebook now. Learn our TWIN strategy, how to connect emotionally with your employees through video, and more.


Company External

  • Crisis Response (Weather, Terrorism)
  • Company in the News
  • Respond to Regulation
  • Respond to Washington
  • Comment on Industry Merger
  • Respond to Competitor Move
  • Respond to Executive Comment
  • Respond to Social Media Fail
  • Respond to Customer Support Fail
  • Respond to Security Breach


Company Operations

  • Announcing New Business Partner
  • Quarterly Business Results
  • Annual Business Results
  • Progress from a Market or Geo
  • Big Deal Closed
  • Important Customer Retained
  • Completed Project
  • Product Shipped or Upgraded
  • Company/Team Milestone Celebration
  • A Big Miss and Why
  • Reveal New Ad Campaign


Company Strategy 

  • We Are Acquiring
  • We’re Being Acquired
  • Divest a Business Unit
  • Strategic Planning Update
  • Change in Biz Strategy
  • Major Expansion or New Market



  • Book Review
  • Product Review
  • Productivity Tip
  • Wellness Tip
  • Learning Experience
  • Personal Goals
  • Comments on Family


Amazon Video Shopping Lists:

Basic Equipment 


Advanced Equipment 



Favorite Executive Videos and Examples:

Hitting a wall? Stuck on one video? Check out some of our favorite videos to gain some inspiration.

In the age of the smartphone, social media, and record low attention spans, getting your employees attention has never been harder. From our own experiences, we’ve seen video as the only medium to cut through this noise and effectively engage employees. Throughout this series we’ve provided you the groundwork to create high quality, entertaining videos. Now it’s time to utilize everything you’ve learned during this series. Shoot your videos. Improve engagement. Raise productivity. And create a lasting impact on your employees.




What app do I use to record my video?

Use the photo/video app on your phone. Once you pick the video you are going to use, delete the others. Then send to the person who will publish for your company via your regular content transfer “mode” such as email, file sharing, team collaboration software, etc.


Where do I keep all the gear?

Always carry your mic and the small tripod so you can record at anytime using a desk or table. If you like the casual vibe, then also carry your selfie stick. For your workspace, leave the large tripod up, so can you attach your phone and mic and get recording. If you are BIG boss, then dedicate a room or area as a “studio.”


How personal should the videos be?

That depends. How personal are you when you speak at all-hands meetings or off-sites? Follow your own style, but maybe start to stretch a little. Leadership is changing and employees are demanding more authenticity, more transparency, and more directness.


I don’t like being on camera. Is this for me?

Most people don’t like being on camera. But if as a leader, you need to motivate, engage, and support your team, you will need to find a way, in one medium or another. Video is probably the easiest, most controllable way to do it. Like everything that is worth it, it will take practice.


I am a leader at a big, publicly traded company. Is this for me?

Yes. For the really important updates (e.g. company merger), you can use your PR handlers, a studio and a script. Otherwise, to really connect and keep it authentic, keep the handlers out of it.



Got questions? Need advice? Want to know how to take it even further? This includes everything from getting print-ready versions of our worksheets to organizing a workshop for you and your team. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

And register now for our next Video Like a Boss webinar!


Greg Shove

Edmundo Ortega


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Greg Shove

Greg Shove

Greg is the executive chairman and founder of SocialChorus. He thinks that all employees, especially deskless workers, deserve to be connected every day to what matters to them at work. In the past, he has founded three other start-ups and worked at companies like Apple Computer and AOL. He is also the co-creator of Like a Boss, a new way to train global leaders.

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