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Attune DAY ONE

Attune Summit Day 1 Recap — The future of employee engagement

The first day of the Attune Digital Employee Experience Summit explored how companies can succeed in the post-COVID economy by better supporting their workers.

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2021 Healthcare Technology Trends

Learn which trends in healthcare will continue, and which emerging trends will become part of the “new normal” in 2021.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion: Hear from enterprise leaders driving change

Get a preview of our “Advancing Equity” talk track, and meet the speakers delivering it, at the Attune Digital Employee Experience Summit.

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How Nebraska Medicine puts employee engagement first

Nebraska Medicine is on the frontline where having a connected healthcare workforce is core to healing.

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Words Matter x Opt

Words Matter – Part 2

In one of our last blogs, Words Matter, we discussed how SocialChorus is making an effort to promote inclusive language in the workplace. In that …

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Top 5 reasons to attend a virtual event

Considering attending some virtual events? Find out which ones will be winners, which to skip and how the Attune Digital Employee Experience Summit stacks up.

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Blog DiversityInclusion Mistake x Opt

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Mistake You’re Probably Making Too

Over the last year, I’ve continued to learn when it comes to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion, and my role in working to be an …

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Centralizing Communications to Reach a Mobile Healthcare Workforce

Communicating with a mobile healthcare workforce can be a challenge. We’ll show you how to centralize communications to simplify and improve IT.

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5 Attune speakers shaping the new employee experience

The Attune Digital Employee Experience Summit will feature a wide array of speakers with unique perspectives on business, technology and connecting with the workforce.

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blog leveraging the digital workplace to improve employee experience

The Digital Workplace for 2021 and Beyond

Ensuring that your workforce is informed and connected is the key to the success of all your business initiatives and goals. Learn how the Digital Workplace is bringing it all together.

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Improving Healthcare Worker Morale During COVID-19

The fight against COVID-19 has been difficult at best, especially on the frontlines of healthcare. Here are a few tips to help boost employee morale.

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Healthcare SocialChorus Social Chorus

Communicating Crisis Updates to Your Frontline Healthcare Workforce

The one constant in the world of COVID-19 is change. Response protocols seem to be new every day as we learn more about the virus …

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