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Healthcare SocialChorus Social Chorus

Communicating Crisis Updates to Your Frontline Healthcare Workforce

The one constant in the world of COVID-19 is change. Response protocols seem to be new every day as we learn more about the virus …

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soco featured

How Southern Company Gas gained $3.9M in productivity

Learn how the SocialChorus FirstUp platform helped Southern Company Gas build a new digital employee experience for all workers.

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better internal communications for your workforce now is the time

What is Internal Communications in 2021?

Dive into what internal communication means today. Get the trends, best practices, & the strategies you need to drive successful change.

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Providence PageSociety B

Providence shares with the Page Society how they achieved an 8x increase in employee engagement

Providence explains how their healthcare organization stays at the forefront of the Digital Employee Experience using the right CommTech

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ic blog 792x479

How to Improve Employee Engagement – 10 Drivers for 2021

Here are 10 important employee engagement insights we discovered from the 2019 Internal Communicator survey and two other research initiatives.

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blog 15 ways to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace

15 Ways to Improve Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity in the workplace statistics show that most companies need to desperately consider aspects of inclusivity to create a diverse workforce.

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Pulse Blog x

5 IT priorities that will shape how we work next year

Technology now drives the way we work. How will CIOs and IT directors ensure it keeps working in the post-COVID world?

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IDC BlogHeader x

How to enable the new hybrid workforce

A hybrid workforce of wired, remote and frontline workers is now a given. The organizations that harness its power are most likely to succeed.

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Words Matter x

Words Matter

Why and how we decided to use more equitable language in SocialChorus documentation, starting with “allowlist”.

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Boeing Blog

How Boeing elevated their digital employee experience

Boeing shares how they’ve been able to create a digital employee experience that serves the needs of all of their workers—frontline, global, and multi-generational.

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intranetblog 792x479

What is an Intranet and Is It Still Relevant to Your Organization?

As companies adopt advanced technological tools to communicate with and engage employees effectively, are intranets dusty relics?

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Modern Intranet

Modern intranet 2021: building a digital employee experience

To take the modern intranet from employee pain point to agile endpoint, companies will need to create an experience that meets the needs of every worker.

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