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Prepare for Work Post Pandemic Landing x

How Work Will Work Post-Pandemic

With pandemic restrictions loosening, find out how office culture and hiring will change following the crisis.

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Internal Comms for Remote Work Landing x

Internal communication strategies for remote work

Remote work has become the new norm in 2020. How are executives thinking about improving the quality of conversation around remote work?

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return to work factory resource

Interactive Guide: 7 Steps to Mobilize for a Safe & Productive Return to Work

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Guide | CIO Crisis Communications: How to Solve Your 5 Most Critical Challenges During COVID-19

Our latest guide will take you through the 5 greatest challenges facing CIOs as they utilize their stack to reach their entire workforce.

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Guide | How to Measure Internal Communications

Internal communications metrics is a weak spot for most communicators. Download this newly updated guide to learn how to measure with confidence.

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Research Brief series: The Practice of IC | A Look Inside Organizations – Part 2

Features 8 communication professionals/executives from 6 industries, including Nationwide, thyssenkrupp Elevator, Allianz, and Nestlé Oceania.

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Research Brief series: The Practice of IC | A Look Inside Organizations – Part 1

Features 8 communication professionals/executives from 6 industries, including Greater Toronto Airports Authority Automotive, General Motors, etc.

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internal communication state trends practice

Research Brief series: State, Trends & Practice | Produced by IC Kollectif

Two new research projects: One examines the trends in internal communication, and the other identifies the best practices for employee comms.

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Decentralized Communications: 5 Steps to Vastly Improve Employee Experience

Get started with a simple 5-step plan for decentralizing comms. Download the guide now to try this effective new engagement tactic.

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beyond tactics the strategic contribution of communication

Research Brief series: Beyond Tactics | The Strategic Contribution of Communication | Produced by IC Kollectif

Craft your strategy with the Global Capability Framework developed by the Global Alliance of Public Relations and Communication Management.

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resource header empowerfrontline

3 Steps to Empowering Your Frontline Team with Technology

Our latest guide will show you how to engage your frontline workforce with the right information using the latest technology.

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research brief series  communication professionals the case for business acumen

Research Brief series: Communication Professionals | The Case for Business Acumen | Produced by IC Kollectif

Read this IC Kollectif research brief on the key findings on the importance of business acumen for internal communication professionals.

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