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We make the digital employee experience work for every worker

SocialChorus helps the world’s largest workforces do their jobs more efficiently, so their companies can move faster. 


Evolving to support global organizations

Where we started

SocialChorus was founded by Greg Shove and Nicole Alvino, two Stanford alums with a passion for creating consumer-like experiences for every worker. As a former Enron employee, Nicole knew it was vital for companies to lead with the right culture, and both founders believed in the power of employees sharing brand stories. They wanted to help companies harness that power.
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how weve grown

How we’ve grown

Our initial Saas platform was designed to give employee brand advocates a way to share their stories. Soon SocialChorus was the enterprise leader in employee advocacy, with a customer list that included Ford, Whirlpool, Abbott and many others. From this experience, we learned that the most valuable advocacy came from a connected, informed employee base, which inspired our next evolution.

What we do today

The SocialChorus FirstUp platform is now the enterprise standard for a unified digital employee experience. Using our powerful orchestration engine, we bring personalized information and systems access to every employee where they are—on any endpoint or device, in any language, anywhere in the world. Whether they’re wired, mobile, frontline, distributed or essential, FirstUp gives employees what they need to do their jobs efficiently, and companies what they need to achieve agility. 

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Mobilize the enterprise

Agility is the greatest advantage in the modern marketplace. Enterprises that can’t adapt quickly can’t win. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help companies act proactively and react rapidly to achieve their business objectives.

We do this by reaching every worker with the right information at the right time, in the right place and in the right language. We empower each of our customers to align their workforce with company goals, mobilize their people to act on them and measure the impact on their organization.


Driven by our workforce

Our leadership

SocialChorus is led by a team of enterprise software veterans who believe in the promise of new technology and the power of people-driven business transformation.

Our values

We take the long view for every decision. We appreciate the freedom to make choices and be held accountable.

We show a deep commitment to each other and our customers. We hire the best people we can, wherever they are, and are true partners in our customers’ success.

We reward ambition, take smart risks and forgive mistakes. We expect integrity and value transparency.

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Unifying the digital employee experience

To mobilize their people, companies first need to reach them. That means every last employee, from the inundated to the disconnected.

FirstUp connects all communications channels and enterprise systems into a single digital employee experience—so every worker is always reachable, and organizations can see, measure and drive change.


International reach with global impact

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The vision for what’s next

As digital transformation and the future of work converge, the employee experience is becoming critical to business success. Companies will need digital workplaces that are user-friendly for all employee categories—not just wired office workers, but frontline, remote and distributed workers too.

For many of our customers, SocialChorus is quickly becoming the front door to their enterprise, giving every role across their company access to a productive digital employee experience.


Help us achieve that vision

Driving enterprise change starts with delivering a better employee experience for our own workforce. Find out why people want to work—and keep working—at SocialChorus.