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Decentralized Communications: 5 Steps to Vastly Improve Employee Experience

Get started with a simple 5-step plan for decentralizing comms. Download the guide now to try this effective new engagement tactic.
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Empower teams and give employees a voice

Could your employees be more engaged? According to Gallup data, 67% aren’t, but decentralized communication can help you change that. 

Digital technology has flattened the communications pyramid. Today, anyone and everyone can craft and disseminate original content. Apps, social platforms, and digital tools allow everyday people to become photographers, commentators, and videographers. 

To be successfully engaged at work, employees need these same capabilities in the workplace. That starts with decentralizing communications—in other words, giving individual teams the power to publish their own local news and tell stories relevant to their daily work lives. 

If you’re new to decentralized communications, our latest guide will show you how to use this tactic to engage workers through authentic employee-created content. You’ll learn how to:

  • Determine which audiences you need to reach and what types of content appeals to them. 
  • Align your decentralized communications with your communication strategy as well as your company’s business goals. 
  • Choose the right communicator within each department to tell and guide their team’s stories.
  • Use a workforce communications platform to set guardrails for team communicators to keep their content consistent with your company’s brand and culture. 

Enter your info on the right to learn to engage your workforce with employee-driven content!  

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Jessica Brook

Jessica Brook

Jessica Brook leads Demand Generation and marketing operations at SocialChorus. She is a metrics-driven marketer who has experience in account-based marketing, lead generation, and event marketing. When not at work, Jessica enjoys spending time at Disneyland.

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