eBook: The Digital Transformation in Communications – 10 Key Insights from the 2018 Comms Effectiveness Survey

SocialChorus analyzed user data across its global programs and discovered 10 proven ways communications leaders can increase employee engagement. Download the report to learn more.
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Key Insights From SocialChorus’ 2018 Comms Effectiveness Survey

Large enterprises face ongoing challenges including brand reputation, employee retention and changing employee expectations for the work experience. Further, the increasing number of deskless and distributed workers require that organizations find a better way to connect with an increasingly dispersed workforce. At the heart of these shifting dynamics is the employee experience.

SocialChorus analyzed user data across its global programs: 1.5 million employees in 20 industries, 180 countries, all 50 states, hundreds of millions of user events, and millions of emails and push notifications sent. Additionally, we surveyed 840 end users (employees).

We discovered: 10 Proven Ways Communications Leaders Can Increase Employee Engagement. 

Highlights from this report include:

  • Why targeting has almost 2x the click-through rate (CTR) over non-targeted messaging
  • How two-thirds of employees found their company app faster than other content sources, such as their intranet, email, or printed material
  • Why video has 3x higher engagement than other types of content

Learn how to create organizational alignment and achieve your communications goals with these key insights. Complete the form to download the report now.

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SocialChorus is the leading workforce communications platform that transforms how workers and organizations connect every day. We empower communicators to reach every worker–from the head office to the front line. Companies thrive and win when all their workers feel informed, aligned, and supported. The SocialChorus platform allows communicators to publish once and distribute everywhere–efficiently delivering critical information to the right employee at the right time.

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