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Strategic Communications

Direct change with the right message

Whether you’re merging, restructuring or handling a crisis, coordinate your workforce response with the SocialChorus FirstUp platform.

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Turn reorganization into opportunity

Manage change more effectively for better results—whether you’re changing structures, workflows or both.

Reach every worker in real time with real facts, before the rumor mill even gets started.

Get the right information to the right workers without having to cascade it through the management chain.

Use data to make sure employees understand and act on change messaging. Optimize and retarget it when they don’t.

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Reach your people in an emergency

Give your workforce reliable information that helps them respond quickly and safely during a crisis.

Reach every worker instantly in an emergency and give them a place to go for accurate, updated information.

Ensure every group of employees gets the urgent information they need. Automatically retarget until everyone reviews it.

Use analytics to ensure your communications are being received, and to identify locations or departments that need extra support.

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Join together seamlessly

Keep every member of your new, combined workforce informed and involved during the transition.

Communicate in real time across multiple organizations with targeted content that drives the right actions from each group.

Give each employee segment the right information to address their specific challenges. Prevent misinformation and avoid cascading communications.

Foster the culture you want for your new organization by sharing the right stories and inviting workers to engage.


“[We’re] in a merger with our neighboring utility KCP&L, so bringing 2 companies together, we have a tremendous need to distribute information out to a workforce that’s doubling in size. So SocialChorus has allowed us to hit the ground running, have a new [platform] that engages people, and have a successful merger.”

Jana Dawson ❘ Director of Corporate Communications | Evergy