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5 Attune speakers shaping the new employee experience

The Attune Digital Employee Experience Summit will feature a wide array of speakers with unique perspectives on business, technology and connecting with the workforce.

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Embracing Hybrid Working whitepaper Landing

Embracing Hybrid Working: DEX for Deskless Success

Our research whitepaper explores what investments and strategies should be considered to increase employee engagement for every worker, including deskless and remote workers.

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blog leveraging the digital workplace to improve employee experience

The Digital Workplace for 2021 and Beyond

Ensuring that your workforce is informed and connected is the key to the success of all your business initiatives and goals. Learn how the Digital Workplace is bringing it all together.

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How GSK created a digital employee experience with their global workforce

Join Tam Sandeman, VP Global Internal Engagement at GSK, and Joe Lees, Manager, Internal Digital Channels Communications & Government Affairs at GSK, as they discuss …

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Digital Employee Experience: Raising the bar

As you build your digital employee experience, be prepared to overcome these potential barriers outlined in our most recent report.

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providence case study

How Providence improved patient care and safety with an 8x increase in caregiver engagement

One healthcare network’s solutions for reaching 120,000 dispersed frontline workers

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SocialChorus Forrester

Top Insights to Shape Your Digital Employee Experience in 2021 with guest speakers from Forrester and GlobalFoundries

Learn from experts at Forrester and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Find out why a stellar digital employee experience is becoming a must-have for modern companies.

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soco featured

How Southern Company Gas gained $3.9M in productivity

Learn how the SocialChorus FirstUp platform helped Southern Company Gas build a new digital employee experience for all workers.

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Rey Bouknight SocialChorus

Why communications is the backbone from MGM to Department of Health with Rey Bouknight

Culture, Comms & Cocktails · Episode #44 – Rey Bouknight, SocialChorus Culture, Comms, & Cocktails is internal comms served straight up, so settle in, and …

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Landing Unifying the Digital Workplace

Unifying the digital workplace: Breaking down the silos between IT and Communications

In partnership with Ragan Communications, this webinar explains how Comms and IT departments can collaborate effectively to achieve critical corporate initiatives.

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SoCoGas worker

How to save 91K employee hours and $3.9M

Learn how one energy company became an innovation leader—and nearly $4 million more productive—by creating a digital employee experience that works for every worker.

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Magellan Health

Steps Magellan Health took to consolidate and improve their digital employee experience

On this episode of the podcast, we have Alex Rose, Director of Digital Communication at Magellan Health.

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