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Brad Kingsbury

Brad Kingsbury

VP, Engineering


Brad is the VP of Engineering at SocialChorus and is responsible for delivering a product which delights our customers.
Prior to SocialChorus, Brad has spent nearly his entire 30-year career at startups, running their engineering teams. Nearly all of the startups have had successful exits, including Peter Norton Computing (acquired by Symantec), Brightmail (acquired by Symantec), CyberMedia (acquired by McAfee), (acquired by McAfee), and Biba Systems (acquired by Amazon). At Symantec, Brad ran the Symantec Antivirus/Endpoint Protection product group, which generated over $1.3b in revenue.

Fun Facts:

  • Been on 8 episodes of a TV game show.
  • Incurable case of wanderlust, having traveled to 46 countries.
  • Goes scuba diving with sharks for the fun of it.