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Comms & IT — A partnership to enable and secure a decentralized communications model

In this webinar you’ll hear how IT and Comms professionals are partnering together and using SocialChorus to power their enterprise communications programs.
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In today’s business environment you need to communicate quickly, effectively and securely with your employees to drive results. Decentralizing communications down to teams can speed up communications and increase relevance. But it can also introduce risks when it comes to governance and security.  

Communications and IT teams must partner together to deliver a decentralized communications program that provides the proper controls and flexibility for the organization. Get it right and you can unlock faster delivery of communications, increased relevancy and targeting of messages and better employee engagement and alignment.

In this webinar you’ll hear how IT and Communications professionals are partnering together and using SocialChorus to power their agile, enterprise communications programs. Topics include:

  • Tradeoffs between centralized and decentralized models
  • Governance and security considerations for IT and Comms
  • Balancing corporate messages vs. user generated content
  • Q&A!


Dominic Hand
VP, Information Technology and Connected Products, Thermo King Americas at Trane Technologies

Margo Diewald
Principal, Adeptation

Gregg Apirian
Senior Director, Advisory Services at SocialChorus

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