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Webinar Recording: Building a Gateway: How Mobile is Transforming Employee Communications

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Current enterprise communication tools and systems can’t keep up with the expectations of today’s modern workforce. Employees often feel lost, disengaged or overwhelmed with the amount of information they have to sort through to find what they need resulting in lack of alignment on company mission and values.

We know what works – mobile. Hyper relevant and in the palm of our hands. Communicators are learning how to bring mobile to the enterprise to simplify and modernize employee communications.

In this webinar recording, you will discover how a global organization created a mobile front door for employees to access all the systems and information they need at work and why instant information is critical for enterprise communications.

Watch now to learn more about:

  • How to drive mobile adoption across your organization
  • Why mobile needs to be a priority at your organization
  • Personalization in enterprise communications

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Drew Hawkins, Digital Marketing Manager, North Highland

Greg Shove, Founder & CEO, SocialChorus

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SocialChorus is the leading workforce communications platform that transforms how workers and organizations connect every day. We empower communicators to reach every worker–from the head office to the front line. Companies thrive and win when all their workers feel informed, aligned, and supported. The SocialChorus platform allows communicators to publish once and distribute everywhere–efficiently delivering critical information to the right employee at the right time.

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