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Webinar Recording: Is Your Internal Comms Strategy Broken?

Watch this video with the 3 questions you need to answer in order to form an effective internal communications strategy to earn you a seat at the table.
is your internal communications strategy broken 2

“You’re a business leader who happens to lead communications.”

Internal Communications is the force behind today’s leading organizations. Yet, how many communicators actually have a long-term strategy put into place?

With digital transformation as a high priority for CEOs, generational shifts in the workplace, and other massive changes facing businesses, internal communications is more critical than ever. It is the key to the employee experience, which drives all positive business outcomes.

Watch the recording of our latest webinar with leading communicator, Jason Anthoine, Owner, Audacity. He’ll define the three questions you need to answer in order to form an effective strategy to enlighten your leaders, kickstart your team, and earn you a seat at the table.

You’ll learn:

  • How to align your internal comms strategy with your organization’s business priorities
  • Why it’s important to embrace data and measure the effectiveness of your communications, even if it’s a weak spot
  • A powerful framework to create, implement, and verify your goals to drive real business results



Jason Anthoine, Managing Founder, Audacity





Chuck Gose, Strategic Advisor, SocialChorus

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Jessica Brook

Jessica Brook

Jessica Brook leads Demand Generation and marketing operations at SocialChorus. She is a metrics-driven marketer who has experience in account-based marketing, lead generation, and event marketing. When not at work, Jessica enjoys spending time at Disneyland.

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