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Webinar Recording: Why Should We Care About Gig Economy Apps?

You can't deny the gig economy's influence on the workplace. Is this the future of employee engagement or AI hell? SocialChorus founder Greg Shove drove for Uber for three weeks to learn what is was like to be managed by an app. Watch the recording to learn more.
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We can’t deny the “gig economy’s” influence on the workplace.

You’ve used them to make life easier: Task Rabbit, Lyft, Airbnb. And they are growing. By 2020, 40% of workers will be contractors, so we need to pay attention to this completely mobile worker experience.
SocialChorus founder, Greg Shove, drove for Uber for three weeks to learn first-hand what it was like to be “managed” by an app. With 3 million drivers and 99% of the worker experience being mobile, Uber is the world’s largest of these new workforce apps. Is this the future of employee engagement or AI hell?
In this webinar recording, Greg will discuss:

  • Uber’s seamless onboarding experience
  • The power of positive recognition
  • The uncanny fairness of the machine
  • The future of recruiting

Learn from Greg’s firsthand insight into the future of work. Complete the form to access the recording.




Greg Shove socialchorus


Founder, SocialChorus

Greg is the executive chairman and co-founder of SocialChorus, the leading workforce communications platform. Greg has helped brands and consumers connect online since the early days of the internet. 2Market, a Silicon Valley startup that he co-founded, pioneered the development of interactive shopping before being acquired by AOL in 1995. In the past, he has worked at Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, and AOL.

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