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Creative Ways your CEO can Engage Employees

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Is your CEO communicating with employees in the right way? Learn 3 tips for effective CEO communicaitons in this blog post
creative ways ceo can engage blog

How does your CEO communicate to employees? The CEO must be the face of the company and, at the same time, define aspects such as company culture, mission and values. The purpose of CEO communications is made up of two important components: keeping employees informed of where the company is heading and establishing trust through a meaningful, human connection. In addition, the CEO can set the tone for internal communications and help build trust and transparency through employee engagement.
We know that, in the enterprise, email is not an effective method of communication. The hard reality is that if your CEO is relying on email, chances are most of your employees are not reading them. CEO’s and leadership teams are looking for new and creative ways to distribute news and information to employees. Below are three suggestions for improving CEO communications at your organization. 


A recent study by AOL confirmed that 57% of consumers watch video on their mobile phones daily. It’s clear from the data that if you are not producing videos for employee communications, you may be missing a huge opportunity. US Cellular’s CEO traditionally would send out information to employees via email memo. As we know, employees are not likely to read email and CEO messages can get lost in the everyday noise. Watch this video clip to learn how US Cellular leverages video for CEO communications:

Tip: Don’t worry about making your videos highly produced. Employees want authentic content.

Live video is also becoming an emerging category for CEO communications. Live video is being used more often for things such as town halls or earnings meetings. Live streaming is a great opportunity to connect remote or global employees.

Internal Podcasts

Is your CEO not comfortable going in front of the camera? Try recording audio and broadcasting internally through a podcast. Your employees can listen to the podcast during their commute, while working or on a break.

Establish a Communication Rhythm

Communications from your CEO should not be few and far between. Employees should know when to expect outreach from your CEO – start off by trying something bi-weekly or monthly and then gauge if your employees want more or less. Be consistent with outreach and stick to a cadence. A quick blurb or internal blog sharing what’s on your CEO’s mind is a great place to start.

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