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[Excerpt] The Digital Revolution in Communications

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Here's a sneak peek into 10 Key Insights From Our 2018 Comms Effectiveness Survey, to help internal communication technology leaders increase employee engagement and create better employee alignment to their companies’ goals and vision.
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Here’s a sneak peek from our new report, The Digital Revolution in Communications: 10 Key Insights From SocialChorus’ 2018 Comms Effectiveness Survey to help internal communication technology leaders increase employee engagement and create better employee alignment to their companies’ goals and vision.

SocialChorus analyzed data across its global programs, including over 1.5 million employees in 20 industries, 180 counties, all 50 states, hundreds of millions of user events, and millions of emails and push notifications sent. We also surveyed 840 end users. Here are some of the key insights we discovered.

How Communications Leaders Can Increase Employee Engagement

2018 SocialChorus Comms Effectiveness Survey

SocialChorus’ recent Comms Effectiveness Survey, based on responses from 840 employees (users) across their customer programs, found that workers engage with their company apps in a similar fashion to their consumer counterparts. And workers expect the same experience and quality with their company communications.

1. Mobile drives engagement

Most communicators publish content to multiple sources including company intranets and newsletters, but employees are three times more likely to interact with mobile than web-based content. SocialChorus identified and studied the most active, retained users, who came back to their company apps frequently over 90 days. The data found that personalization and customization drive retention and help form this “Power User.”

According to the survey, two-thirds of workers also found their company app easier and faster than other content sources, such as their intranet, email, and printed materials. Additionally, mobile apps are a necessity for reaching a distributed workforce and deskless workers, such as retail and factory employees.

2. Video gets more clicks and keeps employees coming back

Video contributes to keeping 53% more employees as active users after their first 30 days using the company mobile app. Communicators and company leaders who use video to communicate with employees see three times higher click-through rates than any other type of content.

Top-performing videos (measured by the percentage of likes) tend to be either less than 30 seconds or from 60–90 seconds.

Why you need video content for your internal communications strategy

3. Bite-sized content grabs more attention

Employees use their company app for around two minutes at a time. This doesn’t mean that the content should be shorter, but it should be “snackable.” Long text can be broken up with headlines, photos, links, or any other way to make the content scannable and easy to read on a small screen or a variety of screens.

4. Mix content types to increase learning

Help your workers understand and digest your content better with different content types. One way is to use a variety of visuals, such as GIFs, video, photos, and infographics. You’ll increase employee engagement and help them grasp your communications more easily.

5. Types of content matter

You want employees to turn to your company app for news, but to keep them coming back, you need to think about content types. The highest performing programs test and vary the types of messages they push through the platform. Top performers include:

  • Contests and trivia
  • Emergency alerts
  • Exclusive CEO messages (video)
  • Personal & professional growth tips
  • Employees sharing personal info
  • Employee honors and awards

Read the full 10 insights in the report now to learn the best internal communications solutions to reach your workforce (even distributed and dispersed) and to align your company’s goals.

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Charong Chow

Charong Chow

Charong leads content strategy at SocialChorus. After film experiments, gallery shows, and a novel, she took the plunge into content marketing for tech startups. When Charong is not weaving narratives, she curates a small zoo that her two children have somehow managed to assemble.

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