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[Infographic] Why Improving the Employee Experience Is Critical for HR

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Because worker engagement is low, HR must focus on improving the employee experience. This means investing in internal comms technology.
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Is your employee experience something workers want to experience?

HR is being given more responsibility for digital transformation, but in a climate where worker engagement is low, those changes must focus on improving the experience for employees.

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Do your employees like working at your company? 

Technology has transformed the way employees work, and HR teams have taken on more responsibility for leading digital transformations. But in a climate where worker engagement is low, those changes must focus on improving the experience for employees. This means investing in technology tools that enable your workforce and empower teams. 

HR needs to focus on providing solutions that work for every employee. Digital tools should increase engagement, retention, and culture. These factors play a positive role in shaping employee experience. 

Why does your employee experience matter? 

To reach your business goals you need a workforce that is highly productive, innovative, and engaged. According to Gallup, 70% of the workers in the U.S. are not engaged in their workplaces, due in part to a lack of communication from HR. 

Disengaged workers are more likely to leave their jobs. Each year, U.S businesses lose an estimated $11 billion because of employee turnover. 

Onboarding plays a large role in determining whether workers stay at an organization. A shocking 28% of new employees will quit within their first 90 days and 34% say an incident or bad experience drove them away. HR plays a huge role in workforce retention efforts. Turnover can be decreased if the employee experience is optimized from the moment an employee starts working at an organization.  

The cost of poor HR communications and lack of engagement is high. Actively disengaged employees cost U.S. companies lose $450 to $550 billion yearly, while companies with 100,000 employees lose $62.4 million yearly. This puts immense pressure on HR to provide digital tools that increase engagement and facilitate clear communication. 


“88% of chief HR officers say they need to invest in three or more technologies over the next two years. Currently, only 29% of employees believe HR helps them perform better.”

~ HR’s Role in Leading Digitalization, Gartner


HR can increase engagement and retain their workforce if they actively acquire technology that enables and enhances employees’ work experience. 

Communication makes a difference 

To truly engage your workforce, you need to communicate with employees consistently and reach them when and where they prefer. Seamless communication affects your business goals. Companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% earnings per share. Increased communication even has tangible, physical benefits. Companies with higher employee engagement scores reported 48% fewer safety incidents. The right tech can transform the way your organization performs. 

Connected workplaces attract and retain Generation Y and Z workers. These generations expect communication to be simple and easy. Having the right technology to reach every employee can make a difference in maintaining an aligned organization. 


“Thanks to the improved communications this past year with the help of SocialChorus, we roughly doubled the number of employees year-over-year who responded and enrolled by the end of day one, day two and week one of [our health benefits] enrollment period. ~ Joey Nord, Director of Corporate Communications & PR, Ciox Health


Employees are your greatest asset. Communicating with your workforce consistently helps keep them engaged, satisfied and productive, leading to better business results. Digital workplace tools can help you implement positive transformations to meet the changes of the modern workforce. 

Need to improve the employee experience? Schedule a demo of SocialChorus today.

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