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Investing in Communicators — Now and in the Future

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SocialChorus is a proud sponsor of The LAGRANT Foundation. In this blog, Sonia Fiorenza talks about how The LAGRANT Foundation and events like FutureComms are investing in future communicators.
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Despite how serious we look, we had a great time judging scholarship applications for The LAGRANT Foundation.

Last week my colleagues and I — along with other marketing and communications industry professionals — had the opportunity to participate as judges of scholarship applications for The LAGRANT Foundation. It was nothing short of inspiring to read essays from graduate and undergraduate students about how they intend to change the world through careers in communications and marketing.

Students from top universities around the country — with high academic achievements, significant extracurricular activities and impressive internships — told us of their dreams of becoming Chief Creative Directors, Chief Marketing Officers, and Chief Communications Officers. They also shared how companies — and our industry — have let them down by not reflecting their faces, their voices, their ideas, their diversity in our work. They made the point again and again that for messages and products to resonate with consumers, then the people creating those messages need to reflect the people who buy them.

At SocialChorus, we believe in investing in communicators. We help our customers stay ahead of the curve and transform how they are connecting with their workers. We are helping them become heroes — by giving them the platform and expertise they need to unify their enterprises. And as we work to lift a new generation of communicators, we’re also making a commitment to the next generation.

That’s why I’m so proud of our sponsorship of The LAGRANT Foundation whose mission is to increase the number of ethnic minorities in the fields of advertising, marketing and public relations by providing scholarships, professional development, mentorships and internships to undergraduate and graduate students.

In addition to financial support, I’m excited that we’ll be welcoming 20 previous LAGRANT scholarship recipients to attend FutureComms in New York City on April 18, where they’ll have the opportunity to network and learn from leaders who are driving a new, digital employee experience and successfully leading transformation across their organizations.

As we gather to discuss the future of communications, how lucky are we to have future communicators join us?


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Sonia Fiorenza

Sonia Fiorenza

Sonia Fiorenza leads communications and engagement strategies for SocialChorus. Sonia has more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications at Fortune 500 companies across industries such as financial services, biotechnology, and retail. She’s passionate about employee engagement for every worker from head office to the front line.

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