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How to Reach More Workers with Less Effort: A Guide to Automated Campaigns

Stop spamming your workforce. This eBook teaches you how to boost employee engagement and response—without doing extra work.
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Stop spamming your workforce. Start inspiring action from your workers.

In the past, if communicators wanted to reach just one group of employees, they had to spam the entire company, while those who wanted workers to take a specific action were stuck sending countless follow-up emails. But now you can use automated campaigns to put an end to these tedious tasks—while improving the employee experience at the same time.  

Automated campaigns are one-time or recurring messages that can be sent to all employees or only to specific groups. They allow you target the right workers on their preferred channels and devices, prompt them to take specific actions (e.g. watch a safety video or complete a survey), and measure how your campaign performed in real-time. 

Our new guide will show you how to get the most out of campaign automation, including:

  • How to use automated campaigns to boost the reach of key content by sending it to the right employees on the communication channels and device they prefer. 
  • The different types of automated campaigns and how to use them to bring attention to your most important content, prompt employees to respond, and send timely reminders. 
  • How to plan your automated campaigns to ensure their success, and how to measure their results when they’re complete. 
  • Ways to save time and reduce repetitive busy work using automated campaigns, so you can focus on storytelling and strategy. 

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Jessica Brook

Jessica Brook

Jessica Brook leads Demand Generation and marketing operations at SocialChorus. She is a metrics-driven marketer who has experience in account-based marketing, lead generation, and event marketing. When not at work, Jessica enjoys spending time at Disneyland.

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