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Get the word out to your workforce

Use FirstUp Studio to connect with every worker, on any device or channel, in any language or time zone.


Meet your mission control for content and communications

FirstUp Studio gives you one place to plan, create, target and publish content—so it always gets to the right employees on the right channel at the right time.

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“[The SocialChorus] single-publishing platform allows us to publish out to 120,000 employees across 7 states, run targeted campaigns [and] get important communications out to people where and how they want to consume it.”

OREST HOLUBEC | Chief Communications Officer | Providence


Make content that gets attention

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Collaborate with your team to create content, schedule publication and send it to every channel your employees use.

Write articles and add images to make them pop. Create notes, embed videos and send polls to boost engagement.

Give employees and teams quick, personalized access to the systems and documents they need to be productive. Target the right resources to the right groups.

Save time with built-in templates for popular topics, and create branded templates to maintain internal brand integrity.


Track your business impact

Some communications are more critical than others, and how your workforce reacts to them can reveal how well your initiatives are performing.

Assign content to your key initiatives, then use the FirstUp Analyze dashboard to measure how workers respond.

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Get the right message to the right people

Easily target and deliver your message to specific employee groups without having to navigate complex user management systems.

FirstUp Studio continuously syncs with your HRIS as employee data updates, giving you the ability to create static, dynamic and custom groups that power your campaigns and analytics.


Guarantee a response from every employee

Use marketing automation technology to save time and supercharge your communications.

Push notifications ensure your content is seen, while automatic retargeting follows up with workers through mobile or email until they act on your message.

Make sure your people read and act on critical content. Run automated campaigns that require them to acknowledge they’ve received specific messages.

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Show workers you speak their language

Automatically translate your communications to 25+ languages so your global workforce can understand and act on them.


Help leaders mobilize their teams

Empower your people to publish posts from their mobile devices. Set specific permissions to avoid time-consuming approvals and maintain the integrity of your internal brand.

Enable managers to lead and motivate their people by giving them permissions to post to specific teams or cross-functional groups.

Get employees more engaged by allowing them to post, share images and comment on content, with the right permissions in place.

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