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SocialChorus® Announces 14x Growth in Employee Advocacy

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The only employee adoption and engagement platform and mobile apps that employees want to use drives employee engagement, productivity and marketing results.

SAN FRANCISCO – April 1, 2015

SocialChorus, the only employee engagement and advocacy platform that employees want to use, announced 14x growth over the past 12 months. SocialChorus has also expanded to two new offices in Pasadena, CA and Seattle, WA. The new locations support SocialChorus’ continual, rapid development and deployment of their any-device solutions.

“Our mission is to fundamentally change how employees and employers connect and share information. Our platform and apps create more informed, productive employees and an entirely new and more authentic marketing channel.” Gregory Shove, Founder and CEO.

This approach has enabled world-class companies, including Target, AT&T, Microsoft, and nearly 100 more, to create industry-leading employee engagement, productivity and marketing results.

2014 SocialChorus customer highlights include:

– Target – 1000s of new employees adopting monthly

– AT&T – 1000s of employees trained in just 2 minutes a day

– Microsoft – delivering 3x industry average employee engagement

The SocialChorus Platform today delivers:

  • Fully brand-able employee engagement apps for any device including desktop, iOS, and Android.
  • The only mobile app designed for social novices
    • Apps leverage habit-forming gestures such as swipe motions on iOS and drag motions on Android
    • Content is delivered via cards, making it easy for employees to consume content at-a-glance
  • Content targeting which ensures the right content is at the top of the mind for the right employee, every day.
  • Custom notifications ensure immediate delivery of relevant content

“We believe the engaged employee is informed, empowered and aligned with the brand’s goals – so able to represent the brand well – a result our customers see after implementing the SocialChorus platform,” said Shove.

Innovative Chief Marketing & Communications Officers are realizing the value of answering the question “What do I need know today?” for thousands of their employees. SocialChorus customers include:

  • 10 of the Fortune 50
  • 15 of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies
  • 5 of the 12 Fortune 500 software companies
  • 3 of the 5 largest U.S. retailers
  • 4 of the 5 largest consumer packaged goods companies
  • 3 of the 4 largest telecommunications companies

When an employee is informed and aware of the latest company news and information, then they are able to share with their social networks and represent the brand.

About SocialChorus

At SocialChorus, we answer one question for employees, “What do I need to know today?” The SocialChorus platform and mobile apps drive employee engagement, productivity and an entirely new, authentic marketing channel for the world’s leading brands and hottest start-ups.

SocialChorus helps employees easily access what they need to know to help bring a company’s mission and vision to life, in real time. Our solution enables employees to share content to their social networks, with an easy, fast and brand-safe experience. Leaders in marketing, sales, recruiting, internal communications and branding are deploying our solution to thousands of their team members.

SocialChorus was founded in 2008, and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has offices in Pasadena and Seattle. Backed and supported by amazing people and investors, including Kohlberg Ventures, Western Technology Investment, and Windforce Ventures, SocialChorus is led by a seasoned leadership team that has led over a dozen successful start-ups.

Learn more at, @socialchorus on TwitterInstagramLinkedIn, and Facebook.



SocialChorus is the leading workforce communications platform that transforms how workers and organizations connect every day. We empower communicators to reach every worker–from the head office to the front line. Companies thrive and win when all their workers feel informed, aligned, and supported. The SocialChorus platform allows communicators to publish once and distribute everywhere–efficiently delivering critical information to the right employee at the right time.

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