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Webinar Recording: The new ‘flexible’; how personalisation can deliver gains for business and culture

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This webinar aims to help senior business leaders explore new working practices to support their organisations through this period of change.
The New Flexible x landing

The ‘office’ has changed little since industrialisation: a global lockdown gave us the ultimate pilot and has proven that the status quo could be changed and improved. Simplistic segmentation by generation has given way to an interest in true diversity, from career stage to personality to experience and background. The new flexibility and a new approach to working practices could deliver the acceleration the economy needs. But how do businesses do this?  

In this webinar, Louisa Moreton, Partner and Head of Finsbury’s Employee and Change Communications practice, Erica Cary, Sr Director of Digital Product Management at Hilton, and Nicole Alvino, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of SocialChorus as they explore the business of the future with guests. 

In this discussion we ask: 

  • What are the different attitudes and motivations across workforces 
  • How do businesses better understand the needs of their employees so that they can set all parties up for a successful future 
  • How to engage with a varied and dispersed workforce. 

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Maggie Prince-Lubawy

Maggie Prince-Lubawy

Maggie leads field marketing at SocialChorus. She has lived in San Francisco for 5 years and is native to Northern CA. When she is not planning events or traveling, she is finding the next best recipe to try and curling up with her dog and favorite book at that moment.

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