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Webinar Recording: HR + IC = The Secret Sauce To Transformation

Human Resources needs a new BF—Internal Communications. Watch our latest video to learn why this partnership is critical to support business goals.
webinar recording  hr ic the secret sauce to transformation

Human Resources Needs A New BFFInternal Communications. 

Over the years, HR has only been transactional—not relational. How do we get over the transactional-focus hump to instead focus on building a real relationship with our workforce?

This is a symptom of a larger issue. HR as a function has been in “transformation” mode for 20+ years, unable to break through this cycle of always delivering the critical task at hand, and unable to provide the strategy leaders need to support larger business goals.

Watch this video to learn the best steps to transform through an HR and IC partnership. You’ll learn the tools to build your own table:

  • Redefine your definition of “customer”—For HR and Comms, your customers are internal and they are called employees.  Also, your customers have different needs and should be segmented. Take the time to study your customers, segment them, and then create a winning strategy for a “customer service approach.”
  • Use both kinds of AI (artificial intelligence and actual intelligence) to achieve results. AI and digital platforms/systems help to increase efficiency and reach across all employee groups. They work best when they are supplemented with actual intelligence: getting up out of your chair and going and having real conversations with real employees all over the business;
  • Set the right KPIs to prove your HR and comms ROI. Every organization is different with your own set of objectives. Learn how to measure your success.
  • Get a sample leadership comms plan that demonstrates all of these components. We’ll share a free template to help you get started right away.


  • Jason Anthoine, Managing Founder, Audacity
  • Erika Migliaccio, Managing Founder, Upstream HR Strategies

Watch today for lessons on how to transform HR and Internal Communications. Fill out the form on the right!



Jason Anthoine

Managing Founder, Audacity

I am a 30-year veteran of all things related to internal comms. My calling is to help companies transform their workforces from tired and bored to inspired and on board. My work spans assignments for the largest of the global Fortune 100 brands to the smallest of regional and local companies. I believe my creative approach to internal comms helps companies reimagine the employee experience and reinvigorates the comms teams responsible for making that happen. In 2011, I led the launch of Connect, which has become one of the largest gatherings of internal communicators eager to share and learn more about their craft. To my complete surprise, I once won a horse at a local arts & crafts fair. And I don’t eat liver…ever.

Erika Migliaccio

Managing Founder, Upstream HR Strategies

I survived the corporate world for 20 years before “graduating” with a degree in Executive HR Leadership. Just last year, I gathered up my big-company experience (and my courage) to form Upstream HR Strategies – a boutique HR consulting firm that delivers organization strategy, talent development, and HR Transformation services. I am most passionate about helping HR teams to revolutionize their reputation (utilizing a customer-value approach to HR support), and I love helping people crack the promotion code with my BOLD Career Journey™ toolkit.

I talk too much about “leading with heart” and I’ve always wanted to be an internal communicator. After a couple failed attempts at a career switch, I’ve resorted to being BFFs with Jason Anthoine.

Watch Now!

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Jessica Brook

Jessica Brook

Jessica Brook leads Demand Generation and marketing operations at SocialChorus. She is a metrics-driven marketer who has experience in account-based marketing, lead generation, and event marketing. When not at work, Jessica enjoys spending time at Disneyland.

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