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Webinar Recording: Telling Great Stories

Storytelling, the oldest trick in the book, to move your employees into action. Watch this webinar to learn the framework for executive communications.
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What’s the storytelling curve?

Thousands of leaders—including the management teams of the Fortune 500—have taken the original How to Make Video Like a Boss training in person or read the book. Telling Great Stories is a new webinar that expands on that success, and provides a framework that can be used by leaders to communicate not just on video, but also at all-hands meetings and in small group settings.

Watch this on-demand webinar that will teach you how to connect with your teams by telling concise and compelling stories that move your employees to action.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set your audience hook and establish the tension
  • Why you need to deliver your key messages with precision and power
  • What’s the best way to establish the payoff for audiences and to call them to action

Telling concise, powerful stories is a requirement for any leader in today’s world. This challenging but fun webinar will teach you how.

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Founder & Executive Chairman, SocialChorus


Greg is the executive chairman and founder of SocialChorus. He thinks that all employees, especially deskless workers, deserve to be connected every day to what matters to them at work. In the past, he has founded three other start-ups and worked at companies like Apple Computer and AOL. He is also the co-creator of Like a Boss, a new way to train global leaders.




Director of Brand Strategy, Sequitur

Ed works at Sequitur, a brand intelligence agency in San Francisco that helps its clients clarify their vision, align their teams, and communicate convincingly to the world. At various points in his tediously long career he has been a teacher, a designer, a coder, and an entrepreneur. Today, as Sequitur’s spirit guide, he is a little bit of all those things, helping clients like OpenTable, Twitter, Dolby, and ClifBar uncover their blind spots, make non-obvious associations, and see the world for what it really is. If you want to have a non-boring conversation with Ed, talk about parenting, honesty, surfing, design theory, running, deep brand, or tennis.

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Jessica Brook

Jessica Brook

Jessica Brook leads Demand Generation and marketing operations at SocialChorus. She is a metrics-driven marketer who has experience in account-based marketing, lead generation, and event marketing. When not at work, Jessica enjoys spending time at Disneyland.

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